At Fiverr people post jobs or tasks (called gigs) which they will complete for just $5

I know, that doesn’t sound like much, but some people are making pretty decent money doing this. Fiverr is also effective for getting your art out there, receiving feedback, and connecting with people.

fiverr artists make moneyJust about any service (legally) you can imagine is being offered by Fiverr users, including Facebook likes, Twitter followers, advertising, blog mentions, video making, logo design, and much more.

I also noticed that there are a few artists (not a lot) here offering their services just for $5.

Now, I wouldn’t recommend selling a full sized canvas painting for just 5 bucks. But, take a look at how some artists are using Fiverr to not only sell art, but get many followers for their art and websites.

I will create an original piece of photographic AURA artwork and post it to you for $5
I will draw a picture of you and or your loved ones for $5
I will handpaint a 5 x 5 ORIGINAL oil painting of your pet for $5


Here are some ideas for artists on Fiverr

  1. Selling quick portraits and small artworks – Some portrait artists are already using Fiverr to do simple portraits for just $5. If you are someone who does portraits, caricatures, drawings, or paintings - and can do them fast, then Fiverr may be an option. 

  2. Design work – Design a logo, banner, background, etc. If you have knowledge of Photoshop, it is possible make some quick cash by completing tasks for people on Fiverr.
  3. Sell your knowledge – Some examples might include art techniques, demonstration videos, ebooks, etc.

  4. The sky is the limit. Just take a look at the many others gigs. Do any of these spark any ideas for yourself?

The interesting thing about Fiverr is that it can be very effective for gaining fans and leads. Although artworks may be sold cheaply, the buyer may continue to follow you at Fiverr and at your website.

This is a quick rundown on how to signup for Fiverr, how to create a gig for a service, along with some tips.

How to Create your First Fiverr Gig


  1. Signup for Fiverr. Click the Join button at the top right, and either signup with Facebook or by entering an email, username and password.

  2. fiverr create gigWhen signed up, login to Fiverr. Click the Start Selling link at the top. You will be brought to your buyer and seller dashboard. Hit Create New Gig.

  3. Fill out the form with all the details of your gig.

  4. Create your own Website!At the top, where it says “I will _ for $5” write what your job will be. Try to summarize it as much as possible, using certain phrases in your title that people will search for(character limit – 140) .

  5. Choose the best fitting category. There are a few to choose from here, so be sure to select the most appropriate one.

  6. Write a description. This should fully describe your gig. Look at other popular gigs and see how they are formatted. First introduce your gig and tell them why they should purchase your service. Give a personal guarantee of satisfaction, and close your description with a call to action.

  7. Instructions. This is what the buyer sees after they buy your gig. Thank them for ordering and give them exact instructions on what to do next.

  8. Tags. Add relevant tags which will help other Fiverrs find you while searching.

  9. Maximum days to complete – Allow yourself plenty of time to complete the task, but not too long, as Fiverr users tend to expect their gigs completed relatively fast.

  10. Add Images – Include an image or multiple images to your Fiverr gig.


For the next post in this series, I will be sharing How to Promote and Advertise Art With Fiverr. Please subscribe if you haven’t already so this helpful tutorial will not be missed.

What are your impressions and experiences with Fiverr?

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  1. What a neat sight, great find for $5.

  2. @Mohala Johnson
    Thanks Mohala. I don't think many artists are using Fiverr, even though there are many selling at Ebay.. I think it is a very good alternative to Ebay..

  3. Interesting but $5 is pretty cheap for some things listed! I did not see any references on those who use this site. For the artist, better be careful what you offer.

  4. If you want to be paid higher ive tried , A $27 site varies up to $77 . can be artist friendly if they really give quality output.

  5. It's a great idea for people who live in parts of the world where $5 has more value than in North America but it's a dilemma for others of us who are competing with these prices but still have thousands of dollars of equipment, software, and education to cover and still buy groceries. Maybe I'm the odd person out but it worries me. I know I couldn't deliver a logo or banner I'd be proud of for $5 and avoid becoming homeless in this part of the world.

  6. There are artist on Fiverr who have already serviced 1500-6000 people, even at $5, that a lot of money. Just promote simple drawings and you can make a killing with the right kind of promotions

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