paperli online newspaper magazineWith, artists can create their own online art magazine or newspaper, curated from content from across the web. The digital newspaper can be updated regularly, always kept fresh with new and interesting fine art articles and art news stories. I recently created my own online magazine at, which I will be using to share my favorite art blogs, online artists, and Artpromotivate updates all in one place.

Please review our recent post about content curation before moving on: Benefits of Content Curation


How to Create and Curate a Digital Art Magazine with

  1. Visit and click the big yellow button – Start Your Own Paper

  2. twitter facebook buttonsSignup with either Twitter or Facebook. I will be using Twitter for this example. Authorize to link to your Twitter account. You will be redirected back to a page to enter your email. Input your email address and click Next.

  3. Create a title for your newspaper and a description. For SEO purposes, try to use certain keywords both in your title and description that will describe your content. As you can see, I used Art Promote, which is a keyword I normally use. Set the update frequency and hit Next.

  4. art promotion newsNow it is time to find some sources for your new online newspaper. There are a few ways you can search for news sources here.

    → Pick from the featured sources.

    → Select certain people on Google+ or Twitter. Select usernames you already know or input a keyword.

    → Add a hashtag for Twitter, such as #art or #artists

    You can also input RSS feeds by full feed link or by keywords.

    Here are some feed URLs for some popular art promotion blogs that I have used for the Artpromotivate Online Magazine.

  5. paperli newsCheck your email address and click the link in the email to confirm your account. Choose a picture, and fill in your name and a short blurb about yourself.

  6. After you have your paper published you can add or remove sources anytime by clicking the cog wheel image as displayed in the image to the right – then selecting sources. The appearance of your paper, including fonts and background can also be adjusted by selecting the Appearance category.

  7. If you do not like the articles which are displaying, you can choose Update Paper to display different articles.

  8. newspaper settingsChoose the Settings link for a few options for adjusting the underlying settings of your online newspaper. There are a few things here I recommend to take a look at.

    Settings – Change your title, description, editor’s note, frequency of updates, and update time anytime.

    Content – Here you can edit sources, add a bookmarklet to your browser, set the language of your online magazine, and adjust the topics. I suggest you adjust the topics to include only what your newspaper is about, as selecting more will make irrelevant articles appear.

    The categories I selected were Art & Entertainment Stories, Trending Hashtags, Education, Society, Technology, World and Photos.

    Promotion -  Import contacts from Gmail and Yahoo, then send them an invite to subscribe to your newspaper.

    Create your own Website!Appearance -  Choose a custom background, and adjust your color scheme and fonts.

    Discussion Corner – Enable or disable commenting. Commenting will encourage feedback from your community.

    Stats – View the number of subscribers and people viewing your newspaper.


Promoting your Online News Magazine


promoting paperli

Click the Share button at the top of your online newspaper. You will see some options for sharing and embedding your newspaper. 

Share - Share via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Linkedin.

Nomad Widget – This is a useful widget for embedding the contents of your online magazine onto a blog or website.

Headlines Widget – Similar to the Nomad Widget, but only displays headlines.

Subscribe – Subscribe to receive email notifications when the newspaper is updated. Also Favorite a newspaper from this location.

More Tips:

Favorite other online magazines in your genre. This will help to build community and connections related to the art field.

Promote other Twitter users in the art world. This is a great way to build community on Twitter – people love being promoted – and many will promote and follow your posts in return!


Introducing the Artpromotivate Art Promote Daily

I recently created a paper for Artpromotivate. The paper already includes a few art promotion news feeds from around the web, and I will be adding more as time goes on. You can contribute by suggesting art promotion blog feeds, which you may leave in the comments section below. 

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  1. I am a former gallery owner, and I have written a Report for Artists, "Top 5 Keys to Becoming a Successful Artist."

    I would like to make it available to ArtPromotivate in a shortened version.


  2. @Gwenda Joyce - Art Ambassador
    Hi Gwenda,
    You can email it to me for review at: artpromotivate at gmail dot com

  3. You are missing a fundamental point,- that is you are promoting your art to other artists & not the big wide world of potential customers!
    Yes I know you will be earning some ranking points with Google but that's about it.
    This Whole Idea being sold by you & many others, that by talking to fellow artists desperate to sell, is merely a introverted spiral of false hope & unrealistic expectation.
    Marketing is really hard & usually very expensive to be effective.I'm sorry the basic truth remains, you've got to communicate with potential customers & you are talking to fellow artists who share your own lack of a market! A very tiny proportion of potential art buyers you can't deny.
    If marketing were as easy & cheap as you like to make out.....well you'd see a lot more artists making their sole living from their craft & you don't! only the odd very, very rare one.So please stop pedaling this falsehood to gullible wannabe artists.

  4. @Anonymous
    I am not pedaling "false hope" as you say. Marketing art is difficult if there is no focus, but this website is meant to help artists maintain a focus - mainly building a central presence on the web - whether that be a Facebook page, portfolio website, or whatever other means to promote art to collectors.

    Artists have to start somewhere to promote themselves - if that is what they want to do. There is no such thing as false hope... there is hope for all artists wherever they may be - to sell their art and to become noticed.


Thank-you for your comment!