janet glatz realism painter memoriesJanet Glatz

New England, USA

Maine Realism Painter Preserves Memories


I am a veteran painter of realistic landscape, wildlife and still life works. For the past 20 years I have been selling my work via internet and art festivals all over New England.


Prince of the Pond ©Janet Glatz


When was the first time you knew you were an artist?

In the fourth grade when I fell in love with the beautiful, blank sheet of paper. Pure excitement!


Please tell us all about your art

Though I began using oils back in the 80's, I soon tired of the fumes and slow drying time and turned to acrylics. Over time I have developed my own style, which is predominantly natural realism, with touches of photorealism at times. I'm a fast painter who can finish a work in as little as a day. Love to paint sumptuously colored skies, waters, and wildlife. Famous lighthouses have been some of my best sellers.


geese painting   

How do you find inspiration when uninspired?

By going on line and browsing some really good works by artists who are better than I am. Never fails to get me moving!

Straight from Manitoba ©Janet Glatz

What do you like to do in your free time (besides creating art)?

Love to garden, read, and write. My husband and I enjoy exploring roadside flea markets and out of the way places.


What are you currently painting?

I've just completed several small pieces depicting the New England waterfront -- Mystic, Ct., Cape Cod, MA, etc., as well as one of Bass Harbor Light in Maine.


What is the most successful artwork you ever created?

A large piece entitled "Black Water" which hangs over our fireplace because my husband refuses to let me sell it. It depicts a back woods pond in the Bar Harbor, Maine area and contains the best work I've ever done with moss covered rocks/reflections.


bass harbor light   

What role does the artist play in the world?

Art is a great catalyst for change. It is also a facilitator of coming together as human beings.



Bass Harbor Light ©Janet Glatz



Have you sold much of your art?

I've sold about 2/3 of what I've painted over the years, mostly at art fairs. Some, however, have been in groups to acquaintances.


What are your favorite methods of online art promotion?

Twitter is my fave. I also use Facebook and Pinterest. The most website traffic comes from Twitter, though.


cedar wax wing   


Though my style couldn't be farther from his, the work of Vincent Van Gogh inspired me to do a theme paper in high school. I think it was his extraordinary passion that drew me in.



Cedar Wax Wing Study ©Janet Glatz

As an adult, I've admired classic painters like Rembrandt, as well as impressionists like Monet and Cassatt. Contemporary painters such as Robert Bateman and Terry Isaac never fail to inspire me.


Can you tell us about one of your inspirations?

One of my inspirations is Rebecca Latham, a wildlife miniature painter whose work is shown and sold all over the world. Few painters have the command of detail combined with composition that she does, and her delicate brushwork is superb.


reflections painting     

Please tell us something interesting in your life.

My husband, Garry, and I spent ten years working with at risk adolescents in our home.


Reflections ©Janet Glatz


It was extremely stressful work, but also highly rewarding. We learned a great deal about ourselves in the process of helping those kids become productive adults.


Where do you see art career in 10 years?

I see my works in galleries as I will be very "over" the art festival shtick. Though I love it, it is a demanding and stressful way to sell art. As I am a believer in constant education and improvement, hopefully my work will be better than it is today.


Advice for artists

Never stop painting; stop comparing yourself to other artists; take yourself seriously or nobody else will; dream big.


Janet Glatz - Maine Realism Painter Preserves Memories

New England, USA

Website: Janet Glatz Maine Art
Twitter: @janetglatz

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