Robin Wiesneth - Retired Computer Geek, animal lover, adventurer, and artist - USA Florida

I’m on a roll these days, creating art that combines two subjects I adore: Animals and Vintage Toys. My series called “Tails of Imagination” creates a wonderful world where our favorite animal companions can have grand adventures and do almost anything!


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How long have you been creative?

I've always been creative but did not start "creating" things until I was in my 40s. I started sculpting things in 3D and then discovered acrylic paints around 5 years ago.



Elvis Files for K9 Air ©Robin Wiesneth



Please tell us about your art

My medium of choice these days: acrylic paints (80% Golden, 10% Liquitex, 10% house paint)

My unique style can best be described as a combination of Rockwell, Storytelling, and Fantasy.

I combine ordinary things in my artwork that you might not ordinarily see together. At first glance it's a portrait but then one sees things that don't quite add up, causing a pause and hopefully a smile.


Do you listen to music while painting?

I rarely listen to music - the voices in my head keep me entertained and they tend to get loud and boisterous when music is playing.


How do you find inspiration?

I read, go for walks, think about anything BUT art - that's when I get most of my inspirations.


What do you do in your free time besides art?

In order of frequency: volunteer / charity work, animal rescue, travel, exercise


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What are you working on most recently?

My new series "Tails of Imagination"

I also stay very busy with pet portrait commissions and if I'm lucky those pets are flying rockets or having other crazy adventures...


The Honeymooners ©Robin Wiesneth


What is the best artwork you created so far?

I think my latest series, Tails of Imagination is my best work so far. I love each piece, some more than others but they are all a reflection of my crazy personality.

My piece titled "Elvis flies for K9 Air" was selected this year as the poster image for ArtsQuest Florida - a regional fine art show and sale event in Seaside Florida:

I have a few pieces from my past that I also like a lot, the thing that ties them all together is that they each tell a story.


What is the role of the artist in the world?

I think we are here to remind people that we each see the world in a different way. Our eyes and brains may process color and shapes in a specific way but we all interpret the world individually.

Beauty truly is in the eyes of the beholder.


Have you sold much of your art?

Yes, I have sold ART online at, through my blog, and my web site

My art is in a few galleries and retail shops near where I live and sales have been good there as well.

Being a retired computer professional I make it a habit to capture a digital copy of most of my original works of art so in many cases my giclee print sales exceed the revenue I received from the original artwork sale.


What are your favorite methods of online art promotion?

I like social media sites like Facebook and Twitter for sharing new artwork and blog posts.


kingfisher and the frog


I consider myself a storyteller with a brush so I'd have to say the artist Norman Rockwell would be a strong influence.

Other artistic influences from my past - the Muppets, Crayola crayons (I was lucky enough to have a box of 64 colors, I hear there is a box with 120 colors - be still my heart)




The Kingfisher and the Frog ©Robin Wiesneth




Can you recommend any contemporary artists?

Glen Tarnowski, James Hance, and Romero Britto come to mind. Tarnowski for his imagery, Hance for his creative "mash ups", Britto for his strong colors and messages.


Please tell us some interesting experiences in your life.

In my self description I call myself an adventurer. Since 1998 I have traveled at least 6 months out of the year on a sail boat with my husband and best friend (same person BTW).

We've been as far as Russia in the Black Sea, around the United Kingdom three times, all through the Mediterranean and the Baltic Sea, the Azores, the Canary Islands, the US East Coast, the Bahamas and have crossed the Atlantic three times.

Talk about creative inspiration!


Where do you see your art progressing in 10 years?

I think I will still be including animals in my artwork, as they hold a special place in my heart. I'm always exploring new ways to convey happiness and humor so who knows what my style will be then!


Advice for Artists

Advice that someone gave me a few years ago. Find a subject / style that YOU love and do a LOT of it.

robin-wiesnethIt makes you a better artist and if some likes your artwork they will want to see more similar artwork.

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