vera cauwenberghs bird paintingVera LP Cauwenberghs

Flanders, Belgium

An Immersion in Colour for the Positive Art Lover


100 or less: Macaws ©Vera LP Cauwenberghs


The artist VLPC is a Belgian (Flemish) professional painter who emphasises the positive side of life in an energetic and colorful way. She leads you into the magic of our daily existence and shows a reality of staggering beauty.


When was the first time you knew you were an artist?

In kindergarten when the nun couldn't believe I painted a cow that looked like a cow!


aurora northern lights   


Realism with an impressionist basis.



I use oil on high quality on linen.






Northern Lights ©Vera LP Cauwenberghs


Process and Technique

I paint alla prima: I paint until it's finished, without layers. My colours are vivid and as pure as possible.
I don't specialize because I need challenge. I try to push my limits all the time.



There aren't really main themes. I paint what I feel like I should paint. It's very intuitive.


morocco fashion art   

Where do you find your ideas?

Everywhere around me and even in my dreams...


Why do you make art?

A real artist has the urge to create and just has to create. I create simply because I was born an artist.


How often do you create?

All the time! I do have to spend time on promotion (internet, exhibitions etc) but that is a necessary evil... But there is always a work on my easel.


Looking into the Light (Debby wearing an oriental festive gown) ©Vera LP Cauwenberghs


What do you think is your best painting?

Usually the last one I created is the best one because I want to get better all the time.
I prefer my bird paintings though.


What role does the artist play in the world?

Beauty is underestimated in our society. An artist can give a reflection on life. For the last century the emphasis has been on the negative, the ugly and the bizarre. That says something about our society. We might be at a turning point. I do believe it's high time for a positive note.


hawaii waterfall painting   

How do you promote art online?

Facebook and these links like Artpromotivate



The Flemish primitives: for their pure and deep colors
The impressionists: for the sun
Van Gogh: for the passion



Hawaii Waterfall (Big Island) ©Vera LP Cauwenberghs


Can you tell us an interesting event in your life.

My visit to the rainforests of Indonesia and the Amazon made an incredible impression on me. Ever since I try to show their magic in my work


Did you ever feel like quitting art making?

I actually didn't create between the age of 16 and 46. I wanted to go to art school but couldn't and it broke my heart. Only a few years ago I rediscovered my true nature and started painting again.


Where do you see your career as an artist 10 years from now?

I guess some good galleries or even museums will have discovered me! I would like a forum to show the world why we should cherish true beauty and that is my aim.


yellow taxi linen painting   

Advice for artists

Be confident but also be critical to yourself. Work hard but make it look easy. And of course: believe firmly in yourself; never ever doubt that you will make it: that's crucial.


Vera LP Cauwenberghs

Flanders, Belgium

An immersion in colour for the positive art lover


Site: Vera Cauwenberghs

Facebook: Vera Cauwenberghs


Big Yellow Taxi ©Vera LP Cauwenberghs

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