We recently began a Facebook promotion here where we ask artists to answer some questions about how they use Facebook to promote art. This is the third of these Facebook features. Find links to the first two at the end of this article.


Hufreesh Facebook Page

hufreesh facebook pageHufreesh on Facebook


I am still trying to promote my Art through Facebook by regularly uploading images of my new works.

When I am creating new works I try to put up art quotes that resonate with my artistic vision and so interacting with my fans on a regular basis.

Advice for other artist on Facebook is it doesn't pay to be shy...but it sure pays to be regularly keep posting.


John Parsons Facebook Page

john parsons illustrationsJohn Parsons Illustrations on Facebook


Promoting my art through Facebook.

I try to put something interesting and art-related on my wall as often as I can, even when I have nothing of my own ready to put there. I also have albums of work by friends and influences so that there is plenty for people to look at. I also try to seek out the pages of other artists and 'Like' them (if I do actually like them) from both my personal page and my Art Page. This worked very well with my Erotic Illustrations Page, where I was getting somewhere between 1 and 10 'Likes' per day for a few weeks before Facebook removed it.

Advice for other artists.

Talk to other artists as much as possible.

Keeping in touch with other artists has been invaluable for me. Some of my Facebook friends are artists who's work I adored when I was younger and their inspiration and advice has been fantastic. A friend described the core group of artists that I'm constantly in touch with as "The Art Mafia" and I sincerely believe that these arty friends have helped me to improve in ways that wouldn't have been possible without Facebook.


ESKORT Facebook Page

eskort facebook pageEskort Art on Facebook

I'm an artist/student who began doing art in the form of graffiti in New Jersey, USA. From there I began experimenting with other art forms and now I focus on abstract art, design, and typography. I'm a graphic designer, muralist, and art fanatic. I've been in group shows before but I am having my first solo exhibition this Thursday in Philadelphia.

I promote my art through my promotional videos and t-shirts that I design.

The only advice I have for other artists is to believe in your work, because if you don't believe in your work no one else will.


Kimberly M Zamlich on Facebook

[Editor’s Note: The following is a submission from Kimberly M Zamlich. She doesn’t have a Facebook page, but speaks about how she has used her Facebook profile to promote her art. Because of the quality of her submission, we chose to include her here]


kimberly zamlich facebookKimberly Zamlich on Facebook

My blogsite is kimberlymzamlich.blogspot.com

I am a traditional/digital artist who has worked for Disney Feature Films (5 years) as a clean up artist in Burbank, coming from a background in gaming (Bay Area) before joining Disney. Because I work on a lot of work and have signed a NonDisclosure Agreement I cannot show the work I get paid to do.

So I began to blog my personal work and explorations on that work. It's simply one of the most rewarding, exciting and inspiring things I get to do. And it's free.

A blog is a journey in learning, bettering your skills and becoming more aware of other artists out there. It also helps me get jobs because I have a list of clients I work for, when I complete a piece or a sketch, I'll send it out to my clients: ex: "Here is what I have been working on. Also: I am available to help out right now", etc. People in my business love images and they love seeing new work; where I am going with my skills, that I continue to keep learning and having fun.

Get the Book - Goal Wheel for Artists!Now I post that journey on Facebook and have emailed comments from heavy weight illustrators such as Greg Manchess and James Gurney! I always try to reply to each and every comment ~and not just leave generic replies. I try to appreciate and encourage fellow artists to show great support because this is such a tough industry. Encouragement from fellow colleagues can lead an artist to great success and this is so important for our fragile egos. Keep going! Because you will never fail if you don't stop!

Another bit of advice: look up Bobby Chui on Schoolism.com and download his book "The Perfect Bait". In it Bobby explains how he found his incredible success and explains how the rules of finding work have completely changed with the advent of "creating your internet appearance". It's invaluable, a must, for people who want to work in the commercial art industry.

Christopher Moeller, wrote that when he was in college, studying to become an illustrator, his teacher told him it usually takes 5 years to get to a point where you are supporting yourself. Chris is now a big name in the gaming industry and was, I imagine, a "hot shot" in college. What he was told was true. It did take him 5 years to take off. I am now "meeting" more and more amazingly talented people on Facebook, communicating with them, learning with them. "Success is more possible in numbers then it is going solo" or something like that.

Create your "internet appearance". Be sincere. Encourage others. Keep learning and blog those experiences. Build relationships (not just networking for networking's sake). Most artists refuse to join the Facebook world. I am somewhat still new to FB but I know that my blog is getting many more hits then it ever used to be. And these days it's not so much networking to be known, but sharing what I have learned, what I am aiming for and I a help encouraging others. Keep drawing out there!


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