These days, building a website is not just for the experts of web design. With online website builders, anyone with minimal designing experience can easily create an entire website of their own in very little time. With Wix, the entire website can be made without any risk or commitment.

HTML5 website template samplesOf course, to take advantage of professional features such as a custom domain, extra storage, removal of Wix ads and unlimited bandwidth, you will have to upgrade.

But, this can be done anytime after the website creation process, and is very affordable – beginning at $4.95 a month (get it even cheaper with a yearly plan).


This post is intended to help you in that process by presenting the best of the best website templates examples for artist portfolios. There are templates listed here for a range of the arts, including photography, tattoo artists, illustrators, fashion, theater and more. If any of these do not suit your fancy, look no further than this post, Portfolio Templates, which lists 10 more art portfolio templates.

To use these, click the image to be taken directly to the website builder to edit your website. If you are not a current Wix member, you will have to register to save and publish your website.

HTML5 Website Sample Templates - Photography Templates, etc.


  1. Jack Photographer TemplateJack Photographer

    Jack Banks Photographer is a photography template with a large background photograph on the home page.

    This is a true photographers template, allowing for very large images, both on the introductory page and Portraits and Documentary pages. Transitions is what tops off the design and makes this template complete.

  2. Tattoo DesignsTattoo Designs

    This tattooing template is designed with tattoo studios in mind, having a page to list the bios of all tattoo artists in the studio. Of course, this can easily be converted to a portfolio site for painters who have a tattoo-like style.

    Social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Youtube appear at the bottom of every page.

    The Location page displays a Google map of the location of the tattoo shop, along with hours of operation and contact information.

  3. James Everet PhotographerJames Everet Photographer

    This is another photography template, and displays a large background image on the home page like the previously mentioned one. This template has space for a short introductory blurb in large letters.

    This template is meant for photographers with large and diverse portfolios, as it includes separate galleries with thumbnail images.

  4. Photographer Site Website TemplatePhotographer Site

    Photographer Site is a great template for photographers and artists who have a diverse range of artwork series. The homepage features an attractive categorized layout, leading to specific portfolio pages. Even the bio and contact pages have space to display a photograph or artwork image.

  5. Illustrator ArtistIllustrator Artist

    Illustrators should love this illustrator template, which can be easily customized to include their own graphics. This template actually has a semi-blogging format, with partial posts on the front page – a great way to list illustration projects.

  6. Sport PhotographySport Photography

    This photography template’s layout is quite different from the rest. There is ample space on the homepage to present a short introductory statement, along with latest works in thumbnail format.

  7. Fashion FrenzyFashion Frenzy

    This one has a funky design, with a bright red header and circle thumbnails.

    I see a lot of potential in this fashion template, especially for changing that red color and including a better header. You should know that any Wix HTML5 website template can be completely customized to your liking. I always consider templates as starting points, and try to develop them into something completely unique.

  8. Theater Plays TemplateTheater Plays

    This template features an interesting auto HTML5 slideshow and is great for actors and theater companies. I like the contrasting backgrounds in the production and gallery pages, which also offer ample space for a summary of the gallery. 

  9. Model AgencyModel Agency

    Model Agency is a modelling template meant to display photography of models from a modelling agency. I can really see the potential here for an art or photographer’s portfolio site. Take a look at the Models page, which displays a listing of all the models in the agency. Each listing actually has its own auto slideshow, which can easily be used to display series of artworks or photographs. 

  10. Makeup ArtistMakeup Artist

    Makeup Artist Template is another template that can be used by any type of artist with a little manipulation here and there. The homepage features a grid type layout of photographs, each of which lead to separate pages on the website. Notice how the Beauty category on the homepage features an auto-slideshow, while the others do not. This attracts interest and variety in the page.




As I already mentioned, every single one of these HTML5 website template examples can be used by a wide range of artists, photographers, actors, tattoo artists, illustrators and more. With a little work, the template can be turned into something truly unique and personal.

If you have any questions about any of these template samples, or would like to see more posted here, please let me know by contacting or commenting below.

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