omnia scroll art collaborativeThe Omnia Scroll is an international collaborative art project created by UK artist Penelope Oakley, involving annual exhibitions and a Collaborative Scroll.

The Omnia Scroll will be a continually increasing collaborative work of art from artists throughout the world, based on the idea that everything is connected.


The collaborative exhibitions explore interconnectedness with each other and the planet where we live.


Below, I give information on the first Omnia Scroll Exhibition in Brighton, UK and how you can apply for consideration for future exhibitions.



What does the Omnia Scroll mean?


The curator being inspired by and fascinated with ancient wisdoms, science, quantum physics, philosophy and spirituality. The untangible mysteries and invisible connections that merge, from the undiscovered depths of our oceans, of nature, the stars with each other and ourselves. Embracing the connections and similarities of ancient wisdoms and quantum physics. The theme of the exhibition to promote positive connections and explore the visual interpretations of each artist, in doing so increasing connections to a wider audience and to each other.


Omnia Scroll Collaborative Artwork from International Artists

The actual Omnia Scroll will be a collaborative artwork comprised of the art of all exhibitors. Prints of the art works will be transferred to fabric panels, and the individual art work will become part of an ever changing collaborative piece from artists throughout the world. This will be a physical manifestation of the original theme - EVERYTHING IS ALIVE, EVERYTHING IS INTERCONNECTED. This collaboration piece will be exhibited annually along with the original artworks from each artist.

From each original exhibited work of art, a print will be created and transferred onto fabric
panels - each artwork creating and becoming a piece of a whole new one. As each exhibition takes place and grows so does The Omnia Scroll - one piece of art, many artists creations, continually evolving.

Many artists are joining the Ominia Scroll for different exhibitions. Currently, three artists from Canada are collaborating: Bert Monterona in BC (, Teresa Young (, and Leon Soriano in Toronto ( )

Omnia Scroll 2012

omnia scroll exhibitions brightonThe first Omnia Scroll 2012 Brighton exhibition, curated by Keith Neary and Penelope Oakley, will take place at Brighton Jubilee Library, United Kingdom between Nov. 14, 2012 to Dec. 12, 2012, and will feature artists from around the world. Here is a rundown of those who are exhibiting in this first Omnia Scroll exhibition:

  • NIKHIL KIRSH Iceland
  • ANGEL ORTIZ Mexico




Future Confirmed Omnia Scroll Exhibitions

March 2nd to 16th 2013, Venezia

May 1st to 31st, 2013, Brighton Jubilee Library


How to Collaborate in the Omnia Scroll

The Omnia Scroll is open for consideration of any artist of any medium and background – photography, painting, mixed media, digital art, etc.. There are no restrictions in regards to country, job or age.

The submission deadlines for the 2012 and early 2013 exhibition have passed, but there are many other exhibitions planned, including in Dubai, Brazil, Japan, USA and Italy in venues such as V & A Museum and Tate Modern in London, England. Details of each exhibition, and how to enter will be released from Penelope Oakley’s website at Penelope Oakley.

To find out more, visit her contact page and state your interest in the exhibition, including your name and email. Penelope will email you details concerning selection, fees, artworks, deadlines, transport of artworks, etc.

Incidentally, previously spotlighted artist Teresa Young (visit her website at Art by Teresa Young) has collaborated on a piece with Penelope Oakley which will be displayed in the first show. The artwork is called The Undermind of Enchantment, and can be viewed here:

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