Some artists are having great success at selling their art through the use of Facebook pages. To effectively sell art at Facebook, an aggressive approach is required. Post as often as you can and use every marketing tactic you can to promote your art at this social network.


selling art at facebookSome marketing knowledge from a business course would be an asset, but is not required. Artists can easily learn everything there is to know by looking at and studying the Facebook pages of other successful artists who are selling regularly via Facebook. I have a post covering some Facebook pages I recommend you follow: Promoting Art on Facebook

From these pages, you can learn the marketing methods that work. Using these, you can increase interactivity and art sales at your Facebook page. Here are some other posts to take a look at before moving on:

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Tips for Selling Art on Facebook Pages

  1. Always state full details of artworks. Post it similar to this: “Entwined” Original Oil on Canvas Painting, 48”x60”, from the Love Series, price

    Try to include all the main information about the piece, but leave room for questions about the painting.

  2. facebook pagesFor custom and commissioned paintings, state how long it takes for completion. Allow extra time for paint to dry.

    Allow 3 weeks for painting creation and oil paint drying time before delivery date. ( May be earlier or later in special circumstances)

  3. Hold art sales, specials and promotions regularly, but do not lower your prices too much. Consider using the same pricing tactics that shops and stores use – increase your prices by a certain percentage so that you can afford to have regular sales.

    Sample Post:
    Special promotion ends on Friday. Commission a painting of any size up to 18x24” for just $400.

  4. Free Shipping – People are generally attracted to art sales with free shipping. You may consider adding this to your base price as well.

  5. Combined Shipping – If you offer combined shipping, make sure this fact is regularly posted. This may be an incentive for some art collectors to purchase more than one piece from you at once. 

  6. Limit your available commissions. State the number of commissions you can take at any one time, or for a particular sale. This will be an incentive for interested buyers to respond as soon as they can. This also makes your artworks appear to be sought after.

    Sample Post:
    Only two positions left for my current set of commissions for Dec. 2012. If you are interested, please act now – these spots are filling fast!

  7. Limited Edition Prints – Offering original limited edition prints is a way to make your prints more valuable and sought after. With scarcity comes more people seeking existing prints. The value of these limited editions may also be more because of the scarcity. Be sure to state things like no more prints will be made and signed and numbered 1-30.

  8. Create your own Website!Offer ends very soon – Try to add urgency to your posts. Make it appear as if people will miss out if they do not respond right away.

    Sample Post:
    Incredible offer for this weekend ONLY. 20% off all limited edition prints in the Ocean Waves painting series. Only 17 available. First ones to post “OCEAN WAVES” will get the print.

  9. Artwork series – Working on a series of paintings, and posting each one to your Facebook page as you complete them, is an effective way of gaining followers and repeat buyers. People will continually return to view new pieces in your painting series. Art collectors who have missed the chance to purchase an earlier artwork may be waiting in anticipation to snatch up the next one in the series. A series of artworks works perfectly in conjunction with social networking.

    Sample Post:
    New painting from my Fish of Newfoundland series (7 of 20), “Capelin Run”, Original oil on canvas painting, price, FREE SHIPPING! Please contact for info. on how to purchase. Prints available!

  10. Have special sales around holidays and special events and announce them well beforehand. Try to emphasize gift giving, especially for Christmas art promotions.

    Sample Post:
    Special Christmas sale: 20% off all paintings until Dec. 20, 2012. (Please allow at least 3 weeks for shipping, or more based on location)


Do you have anything to add to this list of Facebook tips for selling art?

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  1. I checked out the sites you recommended. The differences seem to be that they are able to make Facebook obey them; for instance I can’t seem to make large size pictures appear except in the banner, or get rid of the two admin panels that appear above my banner. If you have advice (how to instructions) on these two problem areas, I would really appreciate it. I find Facebook one of the hardest networks to edit and work with and their help feature seems to assume I know a lot more than I do…

  2. @Gail Daley
    Hi Gail,

    There is a way to display large images in the Facebook Timeline. Hover your cursor in the top right corner of a post, and click the star icon to highlite a post.

    As for the Facebook admin panels, these cannot be removed, but they are only viewable by you.


  3. Interesting tips thanks. Any further info for fine art photography, or is it a case that most people feel they can do it themselves these,days.

  4. The offer commendable test just implies that the substance has just been shared by networking


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