A few weeks ago, I shared some posts about Wix. Wix is a service which has an easy to use online website builder for flash and HTML5 websites. I promised you that I would post a series of tutorials on how to build a fully functional professional artist website with Wix. This is the first post of this seriesFinding a Website Title with Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool.

I have been promising a full step by step series on how to build an artist website for so long and its finally here!

choose website nameIt is important to note that this series is not just for Wix users. The advice and tips can be used to build any artist website, with any service provider.

I am primarily using it for illustration purposes, and will be building a Wix website from scratch to coordinate with this series of articles.

This series will be much more detailed and thorough than my regular tutorials. I will be going in depth about artist website building, covering topics such as SEO, optimizing images, social networking, and much more.

At the end of some tutorials, I will provide an assignment. This will make it easier for you to apply the things you learned in the tutorial.

If you already have a website with Wix, then this series will be of particular benefit to you, since I will be giving tips on how to make it even better and professional.

Build an Art Website Series
Part1: Choosing a Website Name with Google Keyword Research Tool
Part2: Coming Soon!

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Before moving on, you may want to review our previous post featuring an overview of the Wix website builder: Wix Tutorial

Follow Along With this Website Series by Building a Wix Portfolio


Artist Painter TemplateSignup for Wix and select a template. Search for one or choose one from this list: Wix Portfolio Templates

Try to choose the perfect template, as there is no way to change it once selected - without starting over.

For this full tutorial, I will be using the Artist Painter Template from Wix at the right, which is a traditional portfolio template.


I will show you how to turn this template into a professional portfolio you will be proud to show to collectors and art fans.

If you are using this template to follow along, just click on  the image above and click Edit this Site at the top. Signup if you haven’t already or enter your login details to continue. Wait for the Wix HTML5 Editor to fully load. You should now have the Wix HTML5 website builder open in another window.


Choosing a website name with the Google Adwords Keyword Tool

When selecting a title, think about what your art is about, your art style and where you live. The key here is to have a keyword rich title based on what people search for in Google and other search engines.

One of the tools I use for creating titles for websites, posts, and writing descriptions is Google Adwords keyword tool.


google adwords keyword toolEnter a phrase in the box, make sure your location is selected under Advanced Options and Filters, fill in the captcha, then hit Search. Since I am an artist from Newfoundland, and I want people from Newfoundland finding my website, I entered the phrase Newfoundland Artist.



There are three headings here:

Competition – The competition for this phrase is LOW, which is very good. Competition refers to the number of other websites competing for the same phrase. The lower the competition, the higher the chance of your website using the phrase being displayed at the top of search results.

Create your own Website!Global Monthly Searches – This is the number of people worldwide who have searched for that particular phrase in the past month. For Newfoundland Artist, the global monthly searches is 2900.

Local Monthly Searches – This is the number of people who have searched for the phrase in your area. I made sure I had Canada selected earlier, since I am interested in citizens of Canada (especially Newfoundland) seeing and buying my art. The local monthly searches for Newfoundland artist is 2400.

Undoubtedly, most of these searches are from citizens of Nfld., or relocated people of Newfoundland living and working elsewhere.

Several other keyword ideas appear below, and the competition and number of searches appear for each.

For illustration purposes, I will select some keyword phrases related to Newfoundland Artist.

Keyword Phrase Competition Global Monthly Searches Local Monthly Searches
Newfoundland Artists Low 2400 2400
Newfoundland Art Low 6600 3600
NL Art Low 33100 1600
Paintings of Newfoundland Low 720 590


NL Art appears to be a very good keyword here, but upon research, I found that NLart.ca is the website of the Newfoundland Association of Respiratory Therapists, which accounts for the high number of global monthly searches for that keyword.

Since Newfoundland Art has the highest number of searches in both categories, I will be selecting this keyword phrase and having my website name in this format: Graham Matthews Newfoundland Art

This is a title I never thought of until I used the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.


Editing your Website Name in Wix

website name

Click where your artist website title appears. A box appears along with a menu. Hit Edit text in the menu, and remove the existing text in the box. Fill in your website name. You will notice that the menu also gives options for text color, alignment, etc. but I will not bother with those.


Go to Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool and enter a keyword based on the theme of your art. Try this even if you already have an artist website. By doing so, you may find a far more relevant phrase, which can make your website easier to find via search engines.

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