wendy goldberg landscape pastel paintingWendy Goldberg

California, U.S.

creative, funny, passionate

Moody Pastel Paintings of Landscapes


I am an artist originally from New York/New England and have been living and practicing my art in northern California for many years.







My work has been for the most part moody landscape based pastel paintings ranging in subject matter from daybreak to night to interiors.


MEDIUM    Pastel


pastel painting



For the most part I begin and sometimes finish my drawing outside, so work directly from my subject. Often I will bring the drawing back to my studio and work on it more to complete it and make it work "as a piece".



Landscape, night, beginnings and ends of the day.


silvera ranch before the birds


Why do you make art?    

Because it's in my blood. I believe that it is essential to the health of the culture and to my health as well. It's a huge part of who I am as a person, how I think, feel and how I make choices in the world at large.


How often do you create?  

Depending on my other work, usually 3 to 6 times a week.


Do you make a living through your artworks?     

Partial living with my art through sales, shows. I also install artwork for a living.


wendy goldberg painting


What are your most successful methods of promoting art online?    

My website and email to my mailing list.


Do you have any influences?   

So many influences -- -Seurat's conte drawings, Degas' self-portraits and monotypes, Turner's late semi-abstract work, Stuart Shils, Eric Aho, Anselm Keifer, Whistler, the list goes on and on


Please tell us about a contemporary artist you like.   

Stuart Shils work is exciting because of the energy behind it --- his ability to move rapidly between recognizable form and complete abstraction, his facility with paint, his ideas about art and the passion that's displayed in his work.

wendy goldberg pastels

Please tell us about an exciting moment in your life. 

One of my most exciting moments was when some of my art was accepted into the Achenbach Collection of Prints and Drawings in San Francisco. I almost had a car accident on my way back from the museum I was so excited and shocked!


Where do you see your life as an artist 10 years from now?   

Creating larger works, showing more in museums , galleries and smaller venues, experimenting with different media.


Would you like to leave us with some good advice for aspiring and emerging artists?   

To keep at it no matter what. One often learns and gathers insights from the most unexpected places.


Wendy Goldberg - Moody Pastel Paintings Based on Landscapes

California, U.S.

Website: Wendy Goldberg Art

Facebook Page: Wendy Goldberg Art


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