It’s that time of year again - the time to look back and reminisce about what we have accomplished for the past year for our art - and the time to look forward to a brand new year of art creation!

new years resolutions artistsThe week before and during New Year’s Day, is traditionally the time for making resolutions. Many of us make very difficult personal resolutions that we end up breaking, such as losing weight, quitting smoking, and getting physically fit. These are very good goals to make for any part of the year, as are most resolutions.

For artists, there are a variety of resolutions we can make for our art career and to set goals for a new year of making art. Last year’s article on resolutions was written during the infancy of this blog - within the first month of blog creation. (10 Artist Resolutions for Emerging Artists 2012).



Here is a listing of last year’s recommended resolutions for emerging artists:

  1. Create an artist website and blog
  2. Contact a local art gallery
  3. Grow your portfolio
  4. Give a presentation about your art
  5. Donate some artworks
  6. Always use a sketchbook
  7. Participate in an art group or forum online
  8. Create a Facebook page for artwork
  9. Make use of online galleries
  10. Create art more often

These are goals that are just as valid this year as the last. But, I think some of these art resolutions are much more important than others. So, I will simplify things for this list of resolutions, and even add some things that I have not mentioned in last year’s New Years Resolution list.

Art Promotion - Artist Resolutions for New Years Day 2013

  1. Planning the year ahead and setting goals

    This is the perfect time to make plans and goals of what you want to accomplish for the whole year. Make your first resolution to set certain goals for art promotion and art creation.

    yearly plannerHow many paintings or artworks would you like to create this year? How many followers would you like to have at your Facebook page, Pinterest, Twitter, blog subscribers, etc. by year’s end? Can you set deadlines for specific goals? ie creating an artist website, getting gallery representation, having an art show, etc.

    A desktop planner may be useful for this purpose, which can be used to continually set goals for the whole year. Also, take a look at this post: Making a Plan for Promoting Art

  2. Learn to Manage your Time

    time mangagementTime management is actually an essential part of the artist’s life. The more you learn to effectively use time, the closer you will be to the art success you seek.

    Make it a resolution to avoid unnecessary distractions at home and online.

    Only focus on those things that are productive – which will further your advancement as an artist, and will promote your art effectively.

  3. Create an Artist Website, or make your website for art better.

    Create your own Website!When I mention artist websites, I am not talking about those hosted at online portfolio sites such as Behance, Etsy, Fine Art America, etc. Yes, there are some artists who have some success using these, but in the interest of promoting professionalism, I always recommend that artists have their own domain and website, provided by a hosting service, such as Wix. To date, I am currently part way through our largest article series on creating an artist website, and hope to compile this series in ebook form sometime in the new year.

    If you already have a website, that’s great! I always consider websites as works in progress. Don’t be content with the same look. Always try to find ways to make it better, easier to navigate, and updated with new artworks. This will keep your current followers interested and encourage return visits.

  4. Use social networking to your advantage

    I have talked much in the past year about various social networks. I have to say from experience that spreading yourself too thin for networking does not work. It’s great to be involved in many social networks, but you may find yourself wasting way too much time.

    What I recommend is for artists to choose ONE favorite social network, whether that be Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, etc. and focus your efforts on promoting art and interacting with others there. You can still have profiles at the others, but make use of cross-posting features (and Bufferapp) to post at more than one place at once, thus saving you valuable time.

  5. Build a contact list

    email listA contact list is the artist’s tool for continual promotion and repeat art sales. Use it to notify about upcoming art shows, new pieces you are working on, achievements, etc. If you do not already have a list, make it a resolution to begin one ASAP. This could be one of the best decisions you make this year. For those who already have an email list, make a goal of how many you would like to have there by year end.

    Please refer to our previous post: Building an Email List with Mailchimp

  6. Get your art seen in as many places locally as you can.

    Your own town or city is the best place to start for the promotion of art. If you are one who only showcase art on the internet, and nowhere else – you may be missing out on avenues to make art sales. I always recommend for artists to explore several different methods and places for promotion - then placing emphasis on where you have the most success. Never make assumptions. Sometimes artists may be surprized by the people who become fans of their art and end up buying.

  7. Buy and follow the advice of a good art promotion book.

    The one I recommend is I’d Rather be in the Studio , because I have read it myself – and I know it’s a great art marketing book! I am planning on releasing my own art promotion book sometime this year, hopefully before year end. I will certainly be keeping you updated on this as it develops.

  8. Create the BEST ART you can.

    Make a resolution to better yourself as an artist, expand your horizons, experiment more, or master your medium. Explore new themes and create new art series.

    The wonderful world of art is exciting and filled with infinite possibilities.

    Create the best art you can, and it will be a very exciting year!

From Artpromotivate to all of you, we wish you a very happy, prosperous, and inspired NEW YEAR for 2013!!

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  1. Here's a tip that works for me: photograph your art at the mid-creation point, upload it and view it. Great way to see it from a different perspective and check out the values.

  2. Hi Graham,
    I'm thinking about creating a weekly paper using highlighting the arts, creativity and your health. Being a nurse, I try to keep up on the topic on my own but think others might find it interesting and may like it "all in one place" as well. I have created one called "Art For Your Health Journal"...let me know what you think. Thanks!

  3. Thanks Graham for posting these resolutions, though we all have this working in mind its nice to jot them down, and you did this for us, thanks!


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