plans for 2013This year has been a very exciting beginning to one of the biggest projects I have ever undertaken. One year ago today I published the first post at Artpromotivate.

But, as I said, this is only the beginning. I have many things planned for the new year of 2013.

In a recent post (One Year Blog Birthday), I took a look back through some of our goals and successes of the past year. This article is intended to share with you some new directions this blog is taking for 2013.

If you have any suggestions, please let us know.


Artist Spotlights

artist spotlight The artist spotlight page will receive an overhaul sometime early next year, including new questions and a new layout. Many thanks to all the artists who applied for a featured artist this year. We will also be accepting new artist spotlights from artists who have already been spotlighted.

Full details about this will be released in the near future.  


Blog redesign

bloggingWe are aiming for a blog redesign sometime in the new year, and will be asking for your opinions and suggestions on this. This blog has already been changed and tweaked a few times in the past year. Our goal is to provide the best user experience we can, and make articles easily found.

In that regard, we have added a Google custom search and a contents page. Links to the main pages can be found in the top menu bar.


Powerpoint slideshows and video

A couple months ago, we published a couple articles about using Powerpoint  for creating slideshow presentations of artwork, then publishing them to Youtube and Slideshare.

Slideshare for Art Promotion
Powerpoint Art Slideshows

We are committed to creating more slideshows and videos, both as tutorials and as a way of promoting artists for free.

One idea is to request submissions for special videos and slideshows displaying artwork from artists – which we will promote around the web for free. The details of this will be explained in an upcoming post.



new years sparklerThe next logical step after writing blog posts for a year is book publishing. I have not decided the exact format yet (most likely PDF), but would like to announce that I have one in the works. Actually, the long-term plan is to write several short ebooks which will be given away for free, along with longer ebooks.

I will also be publishing a series of articles about ebook publishing, and the steps to creating an ebook of your own.



We introduced an email newsletter a while back, and have sent out some newsletters so far. We will be increasing the frequency of these newsletters, and making special announcements through them. You may signup for our newsletter via the banner in the sidebar, or here.


Email Art Promotion Course

We have been working on an art promotion email course for awhile now relating to how to promote art on the internet. We will be introducing this sometime in the new year. This will probably be a series of weekly automatic emails which anyone can subscribe and unsubscribe from anytime.


All New Articles and Series

We will be finishing some article series, and beginning some new ones on topics such as ebook creation and others to be announced. Emphasis will also be on creating unique content. There are plenty of art promotion related advice and tips not even covered here yet.

If you would like to suggest a topic, or have something to contribute, please let us know. Contact us via the Contact link above or in the comments below.


New goals for Artpromotivate for Dec. 17th, 2013

  1. The Goal Wheel for ArtistsSubscriber count: 2500 Last year’s goal was 1000, but we reached 1100 before the deadline. This year, we are hoping for at least 2500 readers in total. If projections are correct, the subscriber count could be much more than that.

  2. Post daily? Last year’s goal was to post every single day. We will not be having this goal this year, since there is already a good foundation of content at Artpromotivate. We will still be posting often. At times, we may post less often to allow time for such things as ebook creation and other projects.

  3. Free promotion for artists Well, this will always be the goal of Artpromotivate. Artists will always be featured and promoted for free!

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  1. Maybe you could help me (and many others) out by writing an article on a subject of practical concern. I am an art photographer and get requests for prints fairly regularly. I have yet to figure out the best (for the artwork) and most cost effective (for the customer) way to ship prints. I recently needed to mail a print to Florida and was appalled at the cost of mailing. The shipping cost (via Canada Post, traceable) was almost half of what the print cost. A good overview of the options ranging from mailing flat, to mailing tubes, plus the options re. Canada Post, couriers, tracking costs, etc. would be most welcome in an article. Thanks for all the good work you do with this site.

  2. @Judy Wood
    Thanks Judy for the article suggestion.. I will add this to my agenda.. :)

  3. I am excited about 2013- I am planning on blogging about travel, painting, painting inspiration and from the perspective of a kayak. All of these blogs will be connected to my you remember me and I will be debuting roughly 15 or so completely new paintings. I will have a new page for new paintings out on the website and will have an inspiration page and a story page for each painting. I will also be writing about the process of marketing art-you have been a very important help to the cause-so much information-very much appreciated. I hope to get another artist spotlight soon as I have recently begun teaching painting which gives a new perspective to the painter and my reason for painting has changed. I am telling more stories in my paintings.
    Happy New Year Graham-Steve Linebaugh-artbygordon

  4. @steve linebaugh
    Thanks Steve! I'm really looking forward to all those things you have planned.


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