Many of us have been hearing about Facebook Edgerank and how it affects the reach of Facebook posts. The main way of promotion on Facebook is via the newsfeed. Many go there to check what others are posting at the moment, or what they have missed throughout the day.

increasing facebook edgerankOne time, if a person liked your Facebook page, all your posts would appear in your newsfeed. But, Edgerank has changed this. Edge rank determines what is seen there, and what isn’t - by the connections who participate frequently on your posts.

In other words, your content will appear more often, and higher on the page, in the newsfeeds of those who interact on your Facebook page posts the most often.



The main concern for most is that with the Facebook Edgerank system, many users who have liked a page may not even see posts at their newsfeed. What appears is now dependant on those who have displayed a genuine interest by interacting on posts.

You know, this is not a bad thing. Facebook Edgerank is meant to filter out meaningless and spammy posts, leaving you with news updates that have an interest for you.

For promoting art, this only means that Facebook page owners have to concentrate on creating quality posts – posts that attract shares, comments and likes. This is what I have actually been encouraging artists to do all along – to be active on their Facebook pages, and create posts which others will be compelled to share.

Please consult this post for plenty of advice on this topic: How to Increase Activity on Facebook Pages.

This article is meant to explain some of the ways you can increase Facebook Edgerank, thereby increasing the frequency of posts showing up in newsfeeds of other Facebook users.


3 Ways to Increase Facebook Edgerank

  1. Use Photos in Facebook Posts

    facebook posting imagesIt is well known that photographs and images tend to be shared and commented on than just a plain text post or link. Instead of just posting a link to where an artwork can be found elsewhere, upload the painting to Facebook and include links and additional information in the description. Ask for comments directly or ask a question. The idea is to encourage feedback and shares, and a well crafted post will encourage interaction.

    At the Artpromotivate Facebook page, images have been responded to dramatically more than links – which is why we will be placing a much larger emphasis on image sharing.  Images can be tagged by yourself or others, which further expands their reach.

    To share an image, select Photo/Video at the top, above where you input a status. Choose Attach Photo/Video, then Choose file to upload a photo from your computer. Insert a link and/or commentary in the description box, then post.

    The customary method of promoting Artpromotivate posts at our Facebook page has been via sharing a direct link to the article. In the interest of increasing Edgerank, we will be using the method in the image above for future shared posts. Artist spotlights will be also promoted in the same way, giving the artists featured here much more exposure. We encourage artists to do the same for sharing art at Facebook.

  2. Use Facebook Questions

    facebook questionsThis is a great way to increase engagement on your fan-page. Commenting on or answering a question is a sure way to increase your Edgerank, and become more popular with your Facebook fans.

    To find Facebook Questions, click Offer, Event+ at the top, and select Question from the list. Create a question and fill in options. Keep the box checked if you would like others to add more answers. You will receive the option to promote your post for a set amount. Ignore this if this is something you do not want to do.

  3. Promote Posts

    Create your own Website! Promoted posts is a relatively new feature within Facebook whereby users can budget a specific amount of money to advertise posts to a wider audience. We have not experimented with this ourselves, but have been hearing great things about some artists selling art by promoting certain posts.

    To make best use of this feature, only pay to advertise certain posts, such as posts offering multiples (ie prints). Upload a photo and fill in your description completely, including a link where your artwork can be purchased.

    If you have used the promoted posts in Facebook, you are welcome to contribute your own advice by commenting below.

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