sell art at christmasThe Christmas countdown has begun. We are in the month of December, and it’s only about 3 more weeks till the big day. Christmas is big season for businesses, and many make most of their money during this time of year. With crowded shopping centers, many go online to do their Christmas shopping at sites such as Ebay. Many artists at online gallery sites, such as Zazzle and Etsy, hold promotions around the holidays.


Shopping at these sites is not only a great way to find unique handmade gifts, but are also a way to support talented artists and artisans throughout the world. I have given art as gifts many times.

Here are some ideas to use the Xmas season to sell art online.


Ideas for Selling and Promoting Art at Christmas

  1. Hold special sales during the holidays.

    Consider holding a Christmas sale such as 20% off, 2 for one sale, or a free gift. Post these on your Facebook page, Twitter, art blog, art website, and other places you promote art online.

  2. Create special holiday themed paintings (or card sized paintings).

    christmas santa sleighThese can even be transferred to Christmas cards and sold in this way – or given away to those on your Christmas list. This can be a very effective way of spreading knowledge of your art. Include your art website and contact info. in there so that people will know where to find you. Some sites such as Fine Art America have greeting cards. You can also make them via printing sites such as Vistaprint. You may even consider approaching gift shops and stores with your cards, which they could sell for a percentage of the profit.

  3. Give art away as a gift.

    I have done this many times, and it has been greatly appreciated by the recipient. One year, I even did paintings that were more personalized to the person’s tastes. I drew a picture of my sister’s cottage and framed it. For my grand mother, I painted a particular Bible verse on a canvas along with a matching image. I also visited my sketchbook and found a few interesting images to frame and give as gifts to others in my family and friends.

  4. Portraiture and other commissions. 

    christmas cardI have often used Christmas as an opportunity to promote my pencil portrait commissions. I give a special discount over regular prices for the holidays and begin promoting very early, in September.
    This allows plenty of time for people to order portraits. I usually have the deadline for commissions in early December to have adequate time for completion.

    I find that the best time of the year for selling portraits is during Christmas, and undoubtedly it would be the same for many other genres of art commissions.

  5. If you sell art books or teach art courses, hold a special Xmas promotion.

    merry christmasArtbizblog is holding a special Christmas promotion – Art Biz Sale (Santa banner in the top sidebar). Courses and videos have huge discounts. If you have been considering purchasing Alyson's courses, this is the perfect chance!

Do you give away art as gifts during Christmas? Have you ever held special art promotions around Christmastime? Do you have any ideas to add to this list?

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