warren petersen canadian wildernessWarren Peterson

Ontario, Canada

Landscape Paintings of the Canadian Wilderness

Life-long learner, teacher 


The Wild One © Warren Peterson


I am a landscape artist whose work primarily focuses on the Canadian wilderness. Located on the shores of Lake Superior I work en plein air and in my studio to capture time, place,light and space of our natural spaces and wild places.


What is your art style?

I am a realist artist.


standing guard agawa canyon   

Artistic Mediums

Acrylics, watercolour, graphite and charcoal.




Standing Guard, Agawa Canyon © Warren Peterson


Do you have any  techniques and processes when painting?

I tend to work thick over thin with many washes of colour to help define atmosphere and depth highlighted with more direct painterly, impasto passages to draw the viewer into the painting. My plein air works are more direct and I refine them in the studio in a more layered approach to let the light shine throughout the painting.


Painting Themes

Landscapes of rivers, lakes, forests and mountains is my main theme with a focus on a broad view of the subject in order to convey the location


superior skies painting   

Why do you make art?

I create art because of my love for the Earth and the joy that it brings to me and my collectors. It brings us back to nature and jogs our fond memories of the good times and places we have been and seen.

Superior Skies © Warren Peterson


How often do you paint?

I create every day if I can.


Do you make a living with your art?

I don't make a "living" with my art right now but want to expand my reach and collector base.


fall searchmont hills painting   

What is your preferred two ways of art promotion on the internet?

My web site and Facebook page are the two most prominent ways I currently promote my art and I am looking at starting a blog.

Fall, Searchmont Hills © Warren Peterson


Do you have any influences for your art?

My first influence was my high school art teacher who taught me the basics of painting and working outdoors. Other influences include Sargent, Monet and the great wildlife artist Robert Bateman whose method of conveying wildlife in their natural habitat has greatly influenced my landscape paintings. His acrylic painting techniques have also influenced my style.


Can you tell us about a contemporary artist and let us know something about their art?

I like the landscapes of Scott Christensen. His direct style and landscape paintings in oil of remote areas really convey an emotional connection to me. I admire his brushwork, focus on values and limited palette have a lot of energy and tell a great story.


Please tell us an interesting from your life.

When my boys were young I use to let them paint with me, sitting on my knee, brush in hand and enjoying our time together. Once one of them decided to help out when I wasn't around and took a pencil to the painting on my easel. Lucky for me it was erasable and I could paint over the rest of the additions!


windy day warren peterson

Windy Day, Nils Bay © Warren Peterson

10 years in the future – Where will you be as an artist?

I see myself as a successful artist with an international collector base and with a humility to know that you need to always be learning and sharing what you know, from and with other artists, beginners or skilled.


Advice for other artists

Having been a marketing and advertising guy all my working life I know that art is a business and you need to approach it as one in order to be successful. I recommend that all artists take business courses and approach the business part of your working life with the same devotion that you approach your art.


Warren Peterson - Landscape Paintings of the Canadian Wilderness

Ontario, Canada

Website: Warren Peterson Fine Art

Twitter: @WarrenPeterson2
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/warrenpetersonfineart

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  1. Your work is amazing very realistic. Just wondering how long one of your scenes take to paint approx? I'm sure quite a bit of time. Regards Mary-Jane

  2. Your work is amazing very realistic. Just wondering how long one of your scenes take to paint approx? I'm sure quite a bit of time. Regards Mary-Jane


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