artist spotlightIt’s a brand new year of Artist Spotlights here at Artpromotivate for 2013. The beginning of a new year symbolizes new beginnings as well as new plans. We have several things planned for the new year regarding the promotion of artists. A couple of these plans are explained below, and others will be announced at a later time.

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The Artist Spotlight has been a large chunk of the content for this website. Go here to find the artist spotlight form.

With the spotlight, we interview the artist and ask them a series of questions related to their art. The questions are straight forward and easy to answer. The artist is also asked to attach 3-5 images of their artworks, which appear throughout the article. We ask the artist to include their website link, along with Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ profiles, which are posted at the end of each interview. Immediately following publishing, we contact the artist to inform them of their feature. Then, we share the article link to our huge network of followers.

This is where we promote the artist spotlights.

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As you can imagine, your article will reach a very large audience! All of this is done completely free!


New Artist Spotlight Form

We have just completed the finishing touches to the new artist spotlight form, with some questions removed and new ones added. The submission process has also been made much simpler. We had an embedded online form there last year, but this caused a lot of problems for some artists because of image sizes being too large. We decided to remove that form altogether and just include the questionnaire, which the artist can copy and paste to a new email message or Word document, then fill them out from there.


Artists can be Featured Again… and Again!!

Yes! We have decided to open up this blog to resubmissions of spotlights and submissions of unique articles.

Here are some examples of cases whereby already interviewed artists may send us a new spotlight:

  1. triumph paintingNew series of artworks. If you are working on a new series of artworks, and would like to show them off here, why not fill out the artist spotlight questionnaire again, and send it to us. If there are things you wish you said the last time, now is your chance!

  2. New exhibitions. If you have a new art show to announce, you may do it here by telling us all about it in a unique article.

  3. Something to share. Maybe you have a certain art technique you would like to let others know about, have an opinion about a topic related to the art world, or know of a helpful art promotion opportunity for artists.

    You can tell us all about it here in an article of more than 700 words. This is a great opportunity to help other artists while getting free promotion of your art website, Facebook page, etc.

Also, you may decide that most of the questions do not apply to you. If this is the case, you may create your own series of relevant questions, answer them and send them to us!


Suggestions are Welcome

Time Management for Artists
We are always open to suggestions concerning any part of this website. Is there a particular question we should ask in the artist spotlight form? If there is anything you would like to suggest please contact us or leave a comment below.

Thank-you to every single one of you! Without all of you, there would be no reason for having a blog such as this! It is a real privilege to help share so much talent with the world!

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