Facebook currently has over ONE BILLION internet users (552 million daily active users) and over 42 million Facebook pages! It seems nearly everyone is on Facebook. With such a large network of possible fans, it’s no wonder that many artists are turning to Facebook pages for attracting collectors and promoting art.

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Here at Artpromotivate, we have been featuring the pages of artists at Facebook. If you would like your FB page promoted in an article similar to this one, simply answer these questions.

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This Facebook Page Spotlight features Cathy McClelland and Lauren Curtis. Feel free to visit them at Facebook, look at some of their inspiring paintings, and leave a comment or two.


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Cathy McClelland – Facebook Page

cathy-mcclelland-fine-artI live and work in southeast Queensland on a cattle property which has been in our family for 5 generations.

I have always drawn as a child, then studied and became a beauty therapist which I loved working with makeup, all the pretty colours.



I then became a full time stay at home Mum raising children and cattle and painting on the side for a bit extra cash. I entered a few local art shows, won prizes and sold more paintings. I became known locally and people started ordering from me, this continued for quite a few years. 

My sons friend, a photographer was really strong in advocating Facebook as a form of promotion and getting my art out there. I was scared and had no idea but on his encouragement and help started my page. Facebook has been amazing for me! Straight away people were enquiring about paintings that I had posted through my personal email and Facebook messaging.

I have now sold multiple paintings, the fastest being an hour after posting it and are constantly taking commission orders through it. For me Facebook has opened up a whole new world as I live in a small rural community in western Queensland and now I have an exhibition in New York, being represented by an online gallery in the UK and have been accepted into QWASI, WASA and AGRA Australia.

I now have an online presence with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and a Blog and have earned more income than ever before.

This has all happened within 12 months and I am very excited to see where the next 12 months take me.

I am very grateful that I had a go and for being pushed to do it.


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Lauren Curtis – Facebook Page

lauren curtis artAs a versatile artist with a BFA from Mason Gross School of the Arts (Rutgers)I enjoy working with oils, photography (both 35mm & digital), illustration and collage but you'll find an underlying theme in the love of symbolism, mythology, culture and travel throughout my work.


I've participated in 100+  solo, group & juried shows,  and have work in galleries & art-shops in NJ, PA and MA.

I've worked with clients & collectors  throughout the US, UK, Denmark, Holland, Norway, Malaysia, Australia and B.C. Canada, and I'm proud to have been a featured artist  on local and international TV shows (including ODDITIES) & radio shows as well.


Art Promotion at Facebook

I try to post something every day, and on my professional page I do not post any personal comments but keep it all art related.  Aside from posting my new work, exhibits and publications, etc. I also ask art related questions to try to get a conversation going with other creative people.  When I have an item for sale, I post all the relevant information about it to make it as easy as possible if someone wants to purchase it, and I always respond to comments ASAP.


Advice for Marketing Art Online

I'd suggest refrain from personal, religious or political comments on your professional page... keep it art related but also not just about what you're doing... try to engage with people and encourage them to share their ideas with you and in turn, to share your posts with others.


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