I have experimented with several tactics for promoting the Artpromotivate Facebook page. The most successful method doesn’t have anything to do with promoting artworks – but by posting quotes by famous artists, and sharing them at our Facebook fanpage. I transfer these quotations to free photos and backgrounds found online. Then, I simply upload them to our Facebook page and Pinterest. This is a very practical and easy way to increase activity at any artist page.

Why place the quotes onto images?

(Can’t I just share them in text form?)

john ferrie quoteIt is well known that images invoke more response from shares and likes than blocks of text. I have experimented with this many times.

I posted the photo at the right, and have received 74 likes and 137 shares so far.

The same quotation was posted in text form and received just a few likes and shares.

Similar images have actually received even more likes and shares than this one.

There is no doubt that this has been one of the main contributing factors for boosting the growth of our Facebook fan page, which currently has over 2070 likes within the first year.

As I discuss in this post - Increasing Facebook Edgerank, posting photographs is one of the best ways to combat the Edgerank problem. Facebook has made some big changes to posts which appear in newsfeeds. Basically, posts are more likely to display in the newsfeeds of people who are active on your page. This is why it is so important to get those shares, comments and likes.

The basic reasoning for posting these artist quotations is this - if those occasional art quotes are receiving activity from likes and shares, your other posts of artworks will be seen in more news feeds!

Creating these art quote images is actually a very simple process.

How to Make Art Quotation Images

  1. Find background images.

    marc chagall quote Ideally, you could use one of your own artworks or photographs. But, if they are not suitable for this purpose, find a free one online. There are several online websites where you may find free photographs or backgrounds.

    Search at Google for free stock photos. You will find several listed websites which offer completely free photographs uploaded by users. Search for photos and pay attention to the terms some photographers have set. Some allow use of their photographs completely free.

    The best of these websites are Stock.XCHNG and Morguefile. You may also find a listing of free photo reference websites here: Photo Reference Sites

    To stay organized, create a new folder on your desktop and transfer all those photos there.

  2. Searching for good quotations from artists.

    berthe morisot quoteYou may find free art quotes in the same way - by searching for free art quotes at Google Search.

    We have a huge list of quotes by famous artists which you may use – Artist Quotes 

    You have our permission to use any of the images on that page for your own purpose, keeping the credit link intact. Create a new Wordpad or Word document and list the quotes there, for easy retrieval later.

  3. Transfer the quotes to your images.

    georgia o'keeffe quoteOpen up an image in Photoshop or another software. Create a new layer and add the quote text. Manipulate the text size, text color and font accordingly so that it fits most of your image, and can be clearly read. At the bottom of each photo, add the link to your main art website.

    As you create each quote image, save them as a .jpg or .png file and transfer them to a new folder labelled Art Quotes for Facebook.


How to share your artist quote images

These can be shared at any photo sharing website and social network. Add them to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, and other relevant online communities.

A Youtube video and Slideshare slideshow would be another interesting idea. Use the photos as individual slides.

Ensure the photos are properly tagged and titled wherever you upload them – and always include a link back to your website.


Posting Art Quotations at Facebook

salvador dali quoteAs for Facebook, click Photo/Video, then Attach/Photo/Video in the status bar at the top of your page. Upload the photo and include a comment in  the description, along with a link to your website. I recommend uploading one of these photos per day to your Facebook page (or less often if you prefer). Once you have them all shared, create more or start from the beginning and continue sharing.

Track your progress as well. This will help you stay motivated and see your progress as your Facebook page grows.



I will be creating many more of these images including artist quotations. They are extremely effective in boosting the likes and shares at our Facebook page. As I said before, you have our permission to grab any of these images for yourself, and upload it in the way I have explained, leaving the Artpromotivate credit intact. Simply right-click on the images and choose Save image as to download them to your computer.

Please follow us at Facebook here.

Do you have any original ideas for similar images? 

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