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I recently joined a new social network for artists called ArtStack. At first glance, Art Stack looks a lot like a Pinterest for artists – but with some differences – the images are much bigger and this is a community exclusive to artists and art types.

Art stack is a social discovery tool which allows users to discover art and artists, and add them to their own personal stacks and collections, which are automatically shared with followers. Artstack members include artists, galleries, curators and art lovers throughout the world.  The site has all the standard things associated with a social network of its kind – following artists and other Artstack members, finding followers, posting a profile, uploading artworks, commenting on them,etc. Using Art stack basically makes everyone an art collector and member of a growing community of art lovers throughout the world.


Signing up and filling in your Art stack profile.

To signup, visit Art stack here – Join Artstack

I recommend signing up using Facebook, as this is much easier.

edit artstack profileThe first thing to do after signing up is to set up your Artstack profile. Hover your cursor over the arrow at the top-right and click Edit profile, as in the image at the right.

You will be confronted with a page to fill in information about yourself. Here is a rundown of some of the things for you to fill in.

  1. Picture – Upload a new photo or use the one associated with your Facebook account.

  2. Username – If you choose to change the username, your public profile link will change.

  3. Location – Enter a general location.

  4. Bio – Say a little about yourself or enter your artist statement. (maximum 140 characters)

  5. Website – Enter your main portfolio site here.

  6. Change Facebook sharing and Email notifications as desired.

When finished with this page, click Save at the bottom.


Adding Artworks

Now it is time to begin adding your own artwork to Artstack. Click on Add Artwork right at the top.

Select a file from your computer, or enter the link to one at another location on the web. Enter details about the artwork, such as Title, artist, year, medium, dimensions, copyright, exhibition, and more. Click Upload at the bottom when ready.


Adding Friends

Click the Add Friends link at the top. Send an invite either by email, Gmail, or Facebook. An invite link can also be shared via Facebook and Twitter. Here is my invite link: Graham Matthews on Artstack. A follow button can also be created for your website or art blog.


Stacking and Collecting

artstack stacks collectionClick Live (new artworks) or Trending (popular artworks) at the top to see art by other artists.

Live – The most recently added artworks to the Artsstack art community.

Trending – View most stacked artworks, most followed artists, and popular galleries, exhibitions and museums.

When your cursor is hovered over a particular artwork, several options appear.

Add to My Stack – Add it to your own stack of artworks.

Add to my Collection – Include artworks to your own pre-set collections. You can search through your own Art Stack art collections, or create a new one.

Add a comment – Leave a comment about the artwork, or ask a question.

Found by – Displays the Art stack member who posted the artwork.

Early stackers – The first people who added the artwork to their own stacks. This provides an extra initiative for others to stack early.

Total Stacks – Displays the total number of stacks where the artwork appears.


Overall, Art Stack seems very useful for the sharing and promotion of art. At the moment, the community is exclusive to artists, collectors, and other Art Stack members, and invite only. Profiles or artworks cannot be found via search engines such as Google. (It’s possible that they will add this feature in the future) But, I do see the value in an exclusive site such as this for artists. It allows artists, collectors, galleries, and art lovers to get together and share the art they love. This could also be a very good place to make some very good contacts in the art world.

If you are a member of ArtStack, you are welcome to share your own impressions of this new online art community. Also, feel free to share the link to your profile here, so we can follow you.

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  1. Your description of ArtStack is very clear and helpful. I joined as well, my profile is

  2. In the site's Terms (near the bottom) it says they may sell your images. nothing about compensating you. How does the site generate income?

  3. @Cindy Schnackel
    I have no idea how they generate income... but they section you mention refers to "data collected"


    We collect certain data about you as a result of you using our Service. This is described in more detail in our Privacy Policy


    Any material you upload to our Service or data that we collect as set out above (section 11) will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary, and you acknowledge and agree that we have the right to use, copy, distribute and disclose to third parties any such material or data for any purpose related to our business.

    To the extent that such material is protected by intellectual property rights, you grant us a perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free licence to use, copy, modify, distribute, sell and disclose to third parties any such material or data for any purpose related to our business."

  4. thanks for the tips! I just started on Art Stack and am enjoying it... more than Pinterest! My profile is


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