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Paul Watson (The Lazarus Corporation)

lazarus corporation

I'm a Brighton-based artist working in various media (mainly printmaking at the moment).

After graduating with a degree in art I started developing a body of artwork based around assemblage and collage, mixing paint with found objects. During this time I kept up my life drawing, experimented with photography, and more recently started work in printmaking - I'm fascinated by all the different tools and processes.

I've sold work to collectors across Europe, the US and Canada - all via the internet (with several sales originating from people clicking on my posts on my Facebook page).

How are you using Facebook pages for promoting art?

I'm posting both finished pieces of artwork and work-in-progress. I actually find that the posts of work-in-progress get more engagement (comments, likes) than the posts of finished pieces - people are very interested in the artistic process as well as the finished work.

I always post links to buy a finished piece online when it's ready (I sell via Etsy, RedBubble, and my own website). I try to post at least once a week (sometimes I miss a week) - two or three times a week seems to work best, and posts with pictures (or links with thumbnails) tend to get more attention than pure text posts.

Do you have any tips and advice for marketing art on the internet?

I've experimented with Facebook promotions recently (where you pay $4 to promote a post) - you do get a lot more views of a promoted post, but in my experience paying to promote a post does not significantly affect likes, click-throughs, or comments.


Suzie Chaney

suzie chanie art Sculptor, photographer and paper-based artist creating contemporary, ethereal and thoughtful works.

Facebook pages for art promotion

I have photo galleries, cross-link any other posts I make across the internet, interact with followers and share pages, artists and articles I like.

Tips for marketing art online

To not over-saturate or get too bogged down by it. Pick one or two social networks you enjoy using and just have a presence on others but not worry too much about frequency of use.


Bridget Karn

bridget karn artistI currently juggle several job titles, Carer for a 92 year old Great Aunt, Artist, Proprietor of a self-catering holiday cabin - Orchard Lodge York, Relief Cover Staff for Brunswick Organic Nursery and Craft Workshop . So as you probably realise time is a premium when it comes to marketing my artwork. I have found Facebook a very user friendly platform for showing off my Artwork, even though it is early days for selling it, I’m hoping it will become my shop window to the world.

Using Facebook for art

I have just started selling my work on FB, so have a lot to learn, but have just sold one of my Felt Pictures ‘Sunflowers’ and a couple of prints!

Art marketing on the internet

I have looked at other artists pages on Facebook and tried to use what is working for them.


Symona Colina

symona colina artistSymona Colina: born in Ridderkerk, the Netherlands in 1954. She currently lives and works in Rome.

Symona Colina has participated in a number of exhibits in several countries including Italy, France ... the Netherlands and the United States.

“Within the blue sea, within the blue sky … beyond that I cannot see.”


My world is defined by “Height, Width and Depth”. I learn and create, where Space is defined by these three dimensions. Where my Art is born and follows Time … the fourth dimension.

For me, my work is like the wind taking me to and through the fifth dimension. The works are about prospective: space, time … the fifth dimension.

Facebook advice

Funny question … advice for other artists on Facebook …

Contacting ArtProMotivate !!

Promoting art online

I doubt it if I am very good at promoting … I created a Facebook page …

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