Aside from writing for Artpromotivate, I have been striving to finish a few oil paintings. These are considerably smaller than my artwork of the past, but still quite large – most measuring 18 X 24 inches. Included here are a few quick snapshots of those paintings.  I will be photographing some print quality images soon, and will display them online as well.


deliverence paintingThere are two main themes I am working on at the moment – a series of psychological, emotional (and therapeutic) paintings based on personal feelings of joy, pain, regret, love, etc. This is actually the type of work I did years ago (especially in my drawings), and am returning to once again. The other theme relates to traditional images of fish, icebergs, fishing boats, etc. – but painted in my own unique style, with underlying symbology.


Deliverence © Graham Matthews

Oil on canvas, 18X24” (nearing completion)


This painting initially began as a sketch of two seagulls, one at the bottom with its wings outspread, and the other in flight at the top. Though still partly recognizable, the original sketch has been changed dramatically.

I still may have a bit of work to do here, to bring out some of the forms, and make others recede. I find that this effect (along with movement) helps to draw the viewer into the composition and explore.


grandiose incandescent painting

Incandescence © Graham Matthews

Oil on Canvas, 16 X 20” 

Incandescence is the emitting of light from something that is hot. It can also mean a high amount of intensity or emotion.

Some have told me that they see something different every time they look at one of my paintings. This is actually my intention, and I sometimes notice certain elements myself when looking at paintings of the past.


violated painting



Violated © Graham Matthews

Oil on Canvas, 18 X 24” (unfinished)

This painting went through several transformations to arrive at what you see here… and I still do not consider it finished. I won’t be making any big changes to the composition from now on, but will be working on bringing depth to the painted space.

This painting symbolizes a highly emotional state of inner pain and turmoil.







liberation painting


Liberation © Graham Matthews

Oil on Canvas, 18 X 24 (unfinished)

It’s interesting sometimes how my compositions evolve. This painting actually began from a photograph of my step daughter gazing out at the ocean. I will probably show the photo when I post the painting at my art blog after completion.









mackerel fish painting

Mackerel © Graham Matthews

Oil on Canvas, 18 x 24 (unfinished)

Since the popularity of my painting Capelin Run, I have decided to create a series of fish themed paintings. Each of these are of different species of fish – ones that I am quite familiar with from my years working at a fish plant.


This painting of a school of mackerel emphasizes the two most noticeable features – the patterns on the fish and the eyes.


cod fish painting

Cod © Graham Matthews

Oil on canvas, 18 x 24 (unfinished)

Cod is another popular fish in Newfoundland. Once upon a time the bays around this province were teaming with cod, but they aren’t as plentiful now. Jigging cod during the food fishery is now a common practice.

The photo reference for this painting was a fish tub filled with cod during the cod fishery last summer.








caplin painting

Capelin © Graham Matthews

Oil on canvas, 18 x 24 (unfinished)

The photo reference here was of capelin on a flake.

I still have a lot of painting time on this one before completion.






limelight surreal painting

In the Limelight © Graham Matthews

Oil on canvas, 18 x 24 (nearing completion)

(will be explained at a later time)













sunset painting unfinished

Sunset © Graham Matthews

Oil on canvas, 8 x 10 (unfinished)

The composition here involves a sunset between two trees. I plan on having the tree branches intertwining.







As you can see, I still have a lot of unfinished work here (I also have unfinished paintings besides these). I thought it was time to show some of these online. Actually, I’m glad I did… because I can see them from a different perspective on my computer monitor before I get back to painting.

This is the first time I have displayed any of these paintings anywhere!

If you want to see more paintings by me, please visit my art blog Graham Matthews Art, and this post: In progress paintings

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  1. Fabulous beginnings Graham! I always get so inspired when I see what other artists are doing and how they capture those potent feelings that come along with being 'incandescent' as you say...and paint! You are certainly off to a roaring start in 2013 Graham, congratulations on your determination to keep the creative fires burning. I will be looking forward to seeing how this body of work develops!

  2. Thanks for sharing Graham, looks like a nice batch of paintings in the oven there and always good to see what others are working on.
    My one lament on this blog is the inability to enlarge photos for a better look, but if you could do it, I suppose you would have. A small quibble, you might say.
    Keep up the good work, its amazing what you have done not only with your paintings but with this blog ( or do you call this a blog? not sure!). Congrats!

  3. @Michael Gaudet Thanks Michael! Always great to have you here! ... I really appreciate your comments..I love the new mural Dare to be Different, as well as looking forward to seeing your Young mural pieced together and displayed.

    There are ways to make images larger but I make it a policy not to share artist's high quality artworks. I share the websites of artists featured here, where visitors can sometimes go for larger images. Thanks for the comments about my new paintings!

  4. Great work, moving and meaningful, so good to see what you are up to! Can't imagine how you find the time to do it ALL! Thanks for sharing these, I really enjoyed them.

  5. @Shelly Penko
    Thanks Shelly... glad you liked them! I certainly wish I had time to do all the things I want to do.. :)

  6. Graham you are a marvel! Not only do you write such informative and helpful articles at artpromotivate, but you produce some amazing paintings too. I love how your inspiration from the ocean and all the creatures found in and around it influence most everything you do. You obviously have a deep knowledge of this subject matter, and boundless amounts of imagination to take you to an array of places in your artwork.
    Congrats on another beautiful series! Thanks for all that you do for the art community.

  7. You share everyone else's paintings...nice to see yours! Great work! Share more often!

  8. Wonderful work Graham! Love the color. Do I detect and the influence of the great Mexican Muralists in your coloration, shading, and curvilinear objects? I found after writing a paper in Grad School on the History of Frescoes that my love of the Muralist would forever influence my art one way or another.

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