Time management may be a difficult topic for some artists. Personally, I dislike scheduling my time into exact increments where time is allotted for certain tasks.

I find such systems too restricting, and with all the distractions in a day, it is impossible for me to maintain such a system. But, there are certain things I have managed to do to lessen distractions, stay focussed and save time. These include prioritizing certain tasks, outsourcing and creating series of paintings.

Included here are some strategies for helping to make maximum use of time throughout the day.


Time Management Tips for Artists – Ways to Manage Your Time Effectively

  1. Prioritize certain groups of tasks and do them together.

    priorityCertain household chores have to get done. Instead of putting them off and spreading them throughout the day, I get them out of the way, and do most of them in the morning.
    This helps me to maintain focus throughout the day for the other things I do.

    As for art promotion, I like to do all of this at one time. I use tools such as Bufferapp and Addthis to save time online. Email is checked at allotted times.

    I also write several posts and schedule them to be published on certain days. 

  2. Have a space to create your art, and make it known you do not want to be disturbed unless it is urgent.

    An ideal place would be a studio space away from your home.

    I certainly know how difficult it can be to get back on track after being distracted from painting.

  3. Get help and outsource.

    wrist watchThere are many things an artist can do to outsource certain tasks. We do not have to do it all ourselves.

    If you need help with photographing artworks, building a website or marketing your art, enlist the help of someone else. Maybe someone close to you knows more about those sorts of things.

    Fiverr is a great resource for those looking to outsource. You will be surprised at the things some people will do for just $5 – from building a website from scratch or creating a logo, to providing amazing deals on advertising.

  4. Do artworks in series.

    I find that having several paintings in production at once is a great way to maximize time spent in my studio. The paintings do not necessarily have to be related. When I am waiting for one painting to dry enough to return to it, I can begin working on another. If they have the same palette of colors, I do not have to spend the extra time mixing the paint.

    For tips on creating a series of artworks, please visit this post: Sell more Art by Creating them in Series

  5. Avoid the dreaded creative block.

    Artist block can be stunting for an artist’s growth, as well as a BIG time waster. But, I have a sure way to avoid it. Whenever I get an idea, I either sketch it or put in on canvas right away. Many of my ideas come to me while I am painting, so I always make sure to have plenty of canvases on hand. Of course, this is why I have so many unfinished paintings. But, by having several unfinished canvases, I am able to prioritize the best ideas. Go here to see some of my recent painting series.

  6. Prioritize the things that will help you make money from your art.

    These things have to be done if you want your art business to grow. This includes shipment of artwork orders, applying for art shows and competitions, contacting those who are interested in buying or commissioning a piece, adding contacts to your list, etc.

  7. Track how you are using your time.

     A great tool to learn how to track time is Tara Reed’s new tool Time Management for Artists.

    This tool includes a 23 page ebook, 4 tutorial videos, and 2 Excel files.

    These can be used to track how an artist is spending time, so they will know what areas need more or less emphasis.

  8. Learn more about setting goals and what artists should be doing to prioritize activities.

    If you would like to learn more suggested strategies for managing time and setting goals, I recommend The Goal Wheel for Artists. This book actually works well in conjunction with the aforementioned tool Time Management for Artists.

Any tips to share? What strategies do you use for managing time for your art business?

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  1. Great article. Pithy with a lot of punch. I too like to get the chores out of the way first so that my mind is clear.

  2. I actually type PAINT into my calendar at the beginning of each week on the days I can see available chunks of time when life's not intervening. And I adhere to it.

  3. For me the best time problem solution was that I started to prioritize things. For example I know that painting is much important than doing my college assignment. That's why I visit EssayExplorer.com and after scrolling it I know which writing service will I use. Maybe my advice will help you. Plan your time in the right way, save it everywhere you can.


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