A few days ago, we posted an article titled Post Art Quotations at Facebook to Boost Shares and Likes. In this article, we explained how to create images with artist quotations, and then share them at Facebook. This idea is actually very simple and not an original one, and others are doing this with much success.

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We recently began our own campaign for posting artist quotations at the Artpromotivate Facebook page. We intend to post a separate art quote each day and track our progress. Since we began 6 days ago, we have achieved 60 new likes, which averages out to 10 likes per day to our Facebook page! This is very good progress and we will be posting an update on this campaign in a future post.

Facebook Pages from Artists

In this Facebook page promotion we feature artists Carolyn Ritchie Bedford and JJ Jacobs. Read on as they tell us how they use Facebook for promoting artworks, and share their valuable advice.

Carolyn Ritchie Bedford

carolyn bedford artistI have been an artist for more than 40 years and began as a child working alongside my father in his photography lab. My job was to watch and move the photo between solutions with an eye on a timer. Watching images appear slowly like magic was surely the impetus for my interest in creativity. It was also what peaked my passion for portraiture as most of the photos were portraits and I would wonder about the people appearing before me.

My father understood my passion for art as we had family in the art business and booked me into an art school. With a background of a military child , moving often, my art was a refuge and a stable place for me. But the moves also instilled an understanding and interest in people and places, and history.

My art deals with all of these factors and is beauty as well as commentary about the world and emotion. I work in acrylic paints, watercolour, pen& ink, clay sculpture and also cast my own bronze. Recently I have discovered digital art, learning animation, and have returned to photography in the digital form. I work on separate pieces that interest me, but usually am developing a major themed exhibition every two or three years. I prefer working plein air and working from live models to capture the freedom of stroke and the changing emotion and light.

Facebook for Promoting Art

I use my Face Book fan page to promote my art by teasing my followers with work in progress pictures, updates on my art activities, my struggles and successes. Posting photos of your work or of the artist at work get more results. It personalizes the activity of the viewers. I try to remain my self so my viewers can connect with me as a person and an artist. I also offer some tips and tricks of the trade almost weekly, one with a drawing to illustrate the technique.

My face book page is promoted on twitter with updates and used to connect to my art-site, http://www.bedfordart.ca , which also has a tab to connect to the fan page and twitter. I use Flickr to show photos of my work on Twitter and post either my web site or face book url. I post these urls on almost every site and comments that I make.

I also run two blogs, one on my site,http://www.bedfordart.ca/blog and the other on blogger, http://49acresofheaven.blogspot.ca . I announce any new posts to these on my Face book page. And now I am sending out a newsletter monthly with a subscription form attached to my Face book and web site. I am hoping to get more subscribers to my page and web site.



JJ Jacobs

Abstract Art is my Passion. The simple act of painting allows me to communicate my thoughts and emotions while turning them into something that is ultimately beautiful and expressive.

jj jacobs facebook pageWhile I did study art in college, I do consider myself to be mainly self-taught. I took as many art classes as I could while studying business and real estate, and have spent the last three decades working in the real estate development and management field. Working with interior designers and architects has ultimately led to my contemporary, abstract expressive style, and my work can be found in many homes, lobbies and offices in the Northern California area. In my free time I take workshops from artists whose work I admire, and more art classes whenever I have a chance. In addition to classes and workshops, I have been influenced and inspired by such amazing artists as Rothko, Wolf Kahn and his wife Emily Mason, Pablo Picasso, Helen Frankenthaler, Wayne Thiebaud, Matisse, Richard Diebenkorn, Georgia O'Keefe, Cezanne and Vincent Van Gogh among many, many others - but I strive to infuse my authentic voice into colorful creations that are representative of who I am today.

I love using strong and vivid colors, combining them with acrylic paints, charcoal, pastels, gels and other mediums to create my designs. Many of my affordable artworks possess 3-D texture to give added interest, and can often be hung in different orientations to provide the ultimate flexibility in decorating a home or business. I only use top-grade materials and finish each painting with UV protective varnish to ensure years of enjoyment.

At night when I dream, I see colors and brush strokes. And when I wake in the morning, I'm excited to pour those dreams onto a new canvas, piece of paper or log them my sketchbook. Words can't express how grateful I am to be an artist - it's an amazing dream come true for me, and I've never been happier.


Promoting Art with Facebook

My site FB friends are mostly fellow artists and collectors, and I will only post art-related topics on it.

I post photos of new works on my fan page, along with links to other artist's sites; informative articles from other blogs; links to cool artistic websites and show updates. I keep the page professional (I have a separate personal page) and change my heading photo constantly. Linkbacks to my FB page are on my blog (www.comingabstractions.blogspot.com) and my website (www.comingabstractions.com) Currently I'm participating in a challenge of "30 paintings in 30 days" which gives me a daily opportunity to post my latest painting and get comments/feedback on a blog with over 200 participants in the challenge. I've had several of the participants like my FB page already and vice versa -- it's a great way to get more exposure.

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