Recently I had a conversation with another artist on Facebook chat. Out of the blue, she said this to me…

heat painting palma…I was completely clueless, with the Internet, with FB, with groups, all of it, then in red I saw your posts and learned everything from you, and so without knowing it you made a huge difference in my life, I've had four exhibits between October and now, and if it wasn't for you I wouldn't know where to even start. I am also very surprised you answered me and so to let you know I am extremely grateful, I don't know you personally but you changed my life, thank you from my heart! - Palma DiBello Mingozzi

Heat - Palma DiBello Mingozzi (left)


Of course I am thrilled to hear of Palma’s success. Without knowing it, I have had an impact on the life of someone I didn’t even know before this conversation. This has led me to reflect on this topic.

Many of us want to make our own contribution to the world, and be remembered for something BIG. We may want to make a positive contribution to society, bring about social change, or just leave behind something which we will be remembered for long after death.

There are over 7 billion people in the world. How can a normal person who is not a politician or in the media make a difference? This may seem like a real challenge, but there ARE many normal, everyday people making an impact on their world, and changing the lives of others.


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The fact is, whether we realize it or not, artists have that power to make a lasting impact on the world and society. We must get our art out there, and in front of viewers. We must be capable of explaining what its about anytime. Making a huge impact on the world often does not come easy, but it can be done!

The key is to shift the focus from wanting to change the world - to improving yourself. Focus on becoming a better artist, work on promoting yourself more and help others whenever possible.

If you are one who desires to leave a lasting impression on others long after you have left this world, here are some tips to achieve that goal.

How to Make an Impact on the World

  1. Share your Knowledge

    Knowledge is meant to be shared. Share what you know about art promotion, art techniques, etc. by teaching or posting to your blog. You will be surprised by the number of people you will help by a simple helpful post online. Making an positive impact on the world involves being unselfish and helping others.

    And by the way, the door is open for guest posting at Artpromotivate… so if you have any helpful tips, advice or knowledge to share related to art (tutorials, techniques, etc.), you are very welcome to do so here.

    I do my best to share whatever I know at Artpromotivate which would be helpful for artists, and to inform you of helpful resources when I hear of them - and I encourage other artists to do the same.

    You may make a bigger impact than you realize by helping upcoming and emerging artists – some of whom may become famous themselves.

  2. Create lots of art and show it!

    To make any lasting impact with our art often takes hard work and dedication. We have to create a body of art… and we must learn to explain it, and get it out there. Art does not make any impact on the world if its not displayed in public. We must consistently create, build on what we know, and become better with our medium(s).

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  3. Use the internet to your advantage

    Create your own Website! Millions of artists are showcasing their art online at various social networks, online galleries, portfolio websites, etc. At times, it may seem overwhelming and even impossible to become noticed.

    But, the key to using the internet effectively begins by having your own portfolio site. Use this as your home base on the web, and direct everyone to it. Create a contact list/ newsletter. Build an art blog. Have your own Facebook page. Steadily build and expand on what you have already accomplished online.

    I have written several articles on this subject: 5 Best Art Promotion Articles

  4. Focus your efforts

    Think of the snowball effect. When a snowball is rolled in the snow (presuming the snow is wet), it steadily gets bigger. This refers to something which begins small, and at a slow pace. With focussed effort, it can build to momentous proportions.

    For artists this can be applied in a few ways. Become known and recognized by using a certain medium and theme. Master your medium. Repeatedly promote your art in the same public spaces.

    The point here is to start with a foundation, and build on it. With repeated effort and focus, your art will continually reach a wider audience.

  5. Ignore unnecessary things which distract from your goal

    If your goal is to make a HUGE impact with your art, get all the distractions out of your life. These are things that will waste your time, and have nothing in common with your goal. Only you know what they are.

    Please read the first half of this article for inspiration: Overcoming Procrastination

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  6. Get Help from Others

    Don’t feel you have to do everything yourself. Ask for help and support whenever you need it. Sometimes the impact can be greater if there are larger numbers supporting the cause.

    This is where friends, building a contact list and gaining fans at social networks come in. These are the people who will help you make that impact on the world – especially if asked!

Thanks to all of you for your tremendous support of Artpromotivate  – and for just being there.

I wish you all the best in achieving your goals and making your own impact on the world.

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