Tina Townsend

Langley, B.C. Canada

Mediums: Oil, Acrylic and watercolor

Daves Cove tina townsendI was born and raised in British Columbia where I still reside with my beautiful daughters and grandchildren. I’ve always had a great passion for art but always feared the saying “Starving Artist". Finally jumping fully into the passion that drove me day and night and I’ve never looked back. Working in the health care system has always brought many joys and trials to my life but I’ve never felt it to be a career. I’ve always walked on the safe side with my creativity; until recently I learned to bust out and create with boldness and movement.

All paintings are originals that have been painted with a passion that is fuelled by years of training and experience.


“Please tell us about your first experience creating.”

It’s funny one specific experience doesn't stand out the most but many little ones do. I remember all through elementary school my teachers always featured my art in class. The paintings or drawings always stayed up a little longer than others. I can remember two specific teachers one in elementary school named Mr. Toy and one in high school Mr. Timm. They both went out of their way to bring in extra or specialized art curriculum for me.


“How long have you considered yourself an artist?”

I've always considered myself an artist but when I was much younger I lacked the confidence to believe in my talent and my vision. Now after raising 3 beautiful girls by myself I now have the confidence and drive to put full attention into the deepest desire I have ever experienced.... Making Art.


“What are you trying to convey to viewers through your art?”

Mayne Inlet tina townsendWith my black and white series I want people to be able to see that no matter how dark a moment may be that life will always bust out and create beauty or reveal the beauty of the truth. With my coloured pieces I want people to feel the flow and intensity that nature has all around us. I want people to feel a connection with the moment but able to know you can look outside the box.


“Tell us about your creative process, from the beginning of a typical piece to its completion.”

My creative process can happen anytime walking down a street, talking to my friends even while I’m sleeping. I try to have a note pad close by to jot down a few words to remind me later when I am ready to tackle the painting. I look at everything and try to find something new. There are times I will jump fully into a painting and tackle it with confidence but other times I’m hesitant because I know I am trying a new technique or blend of techniques. It’s usually in the times I’m challenged that I am most happy with the results. During the whole process I do like to take short breaks, walk away for a moment and look at the painting close up then far away.. I find different distances will give me new perspectives and show me where weaknesses in the painting are that I never saw when I was too close to.


What things inspire you to paint?

Almost everything inspires me.. Maybe I'm naive but I try to see the beauty in almost everything.. How tree branches form, it reaches to the sky but it still bends and twists to the wind. The lines and details in the tall stature of a building, to the curves on an old hot rod. My favorite has to be that little weed that pops up through the crack of a cement city. To me its a delicate plant that has broken through a cold, hard obstacle. So I figure if that little weed can do it then so can I.


What exhibitions have you been involved in?

Birch Forest1 tina townsendTo date I've done small craft fairs In Delta and Langley near my home.. Involved in The Anonymous art show for North Vancouver Arts Council and their Art rental program.

Up coming shows would be February 1 to February 28 at Raw Canvas on Hamilton St. In Yaletown, Vancouver.

Also July 17 to September 17 at the District Library Gallery on Lynn Valley Road North Vancouver.



Have you sold any of your pieces?

Yes I’ve sold many pieces, up until the past year I would always just give them away as gifts but this past year I have stepped out and put value to the art work I do. Started out selling watercolours but then once I got hold of Oils it’s been a great expansion to my love of art..

How? I have friends and family that get their friends and family to check out my art.


How do you promote your art online?

The way I have been promoting is mostly through Facebook. I have a website so I'm trying to draw viewers to it through Facebook and Twitter. I’m starting to link my website with other websites that promote artists. Have an artist bio and page with North Vancouver Arts Council, Amanda Brenner in Toronto.


Please tell us about influences.

Forgotten Memories1 tina townsendI do love Iris Fingerpainting, Leanne Laine, but one painting I go back to time and time again is Tom Thomson the west wind, and many other in the group of seven.. red maple.. love the colours and different brush strokes.. so much to love in all their works..

Have to say Monet’s Water Lilly pond is one of my favorites.





“Please tell us about another artist you admire, and let us know a little about them.”

Well as I have been trying to figure things out and get my feet wet so to say a few artists that I admire gave me some great advice and just really encouraged me.. One would be Glenn Payan, and another would be Leigh-Anne Maxwell… Both are on Mayne Island, BC . Also Laura Thompson and her husband Frank Rekrut.


What is the most annoying thing someone has said to you about your art?”

Snow Drift tina townsendI hate it when people ask me to paint a picture of another artists work.. I tell them I don’t want to ruin my integrity and I think its wrong.. Then sometimes they say stuff like “I wont tell anyone..”


Do you have regrets?

I think my greatest regret is that I waited so long in my life to get enough courage to jump into my art. I always doubted my own creativity and compared myself with other artists and always thought I never measured up. I finally realized I’m different and that’s good because art isn’t just one style..

“What plans do you have for the future of your art?”

I want to continue applying for artist calls and get out there more to network. Love to take some more courses to keep learning new techniques and getting more ideas. With taking photography course I can learn more about composition and lighting. I plan on travelling more as my schedule starts to let up a little so I can get out and see new things and experiences.


“Do you have any good advice for emerging artists?”

Best advice I could give is don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t stop painting and find what makes you “you”.


Tina Townsend - Break Through with Colour

Langley, B.C. Canada

Artist Tina Townsend | Twitter: @ArtistTownsend | Facebook: Artist Tina Townsend

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  1. I have seen many of Tina's painting and it amazes me how much of her heart and soul goes into her work. There are times i have looked at one of her painting and it has taken me to a past moment in my life. At times her painting have a life of there own to me they seem alive with passion. I can't wait to see what is on the horizon for the up and coming amazing gallary artist Tina Townsend.

  2. Unusual attitude from Tina, great use of colors indeed. Thank you for sharing and helping artists. Greetings from Global Art Net!


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