How do you deal with someone saying something about yourself as an artist or about your artwork, which is completely out of line? We all have dealt with such statements at one time or another. I have a few of the things people have said to me personally listed in this article: Things that Artists Hate to Hear

annoying things said to artists 

This post is not about giving advice for replying to annoying and unwarranted criticism. But, I will say this. Don’t let the things that people say hold you back. Instead, use it as the fuel to become better at your craft. Handle criticism wisely and be non-defensive. 

This article features 10 spotlighted artists, some of whom have answered the question “Has anyone ever said anything annoying about your art?” Their replies to this are listed below, along with a link to their spotlight at Artpromotivate, and a selected artwork.

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The Annoying Things Some People Say to Artists

  1. Kajal Zaveri

    Kajal Zaveri Bay Area, CA, USA

    : Oil paintings

    : Abstract, Semi Abstract, Abstract Realism

    Annoying Comments?

    ”Since Art is so subjective, I don’t get annoyed by comments that may be different that what I hoped to hear. I try to be open to constructive criticism or comments.”


  2. Nikki SitzmannNikki Sitzmann

    Oakland, California, USA

    Medium: Mixed Media

    Style: abstract and expressive

    Advice for Artists:

    ”It might get hard, you might hit a wall. Believe in yourself and your ideas and creations. Write your thoughts down, read them later. This is how I have come to know and understand myself as an artist.”

  3. Jim Sloane

    Jim Sloane West Coast United States

    Medium: wood

    Style: Abstract 

    Role of the Artist

    ”It’s my responsibility to support everyone’s need for creativity and innovation, for themselves and their country. Creativity exists in every human. Sometimes we have trouble finding it. I want to help.”

  4. Alejandro Castanon

    Alejandro CastanonTexas, U.S.A.

    Medium:acrylic, ink, graphite, charcoal

    Style: expressionism and realism

    Have you sold artworks?

    I have sold several pieces since opening the gallery. It's a combination of various promotional strategies that include: social media, traditional media (print, T.V, radio) and social interaction.

    I believe that probability will always be on your side. The more you promote your art the better chance you will find someone that wants to buy it. I also believe that if you love an idea, not just like an idea, that someone will love it as well.

  5. Marilyn Balke-Lowry

    Marilyn Balke-LowryTexas, USA

    Medium: Mixed media, acrylic, watercolor, collage, pastel, charcoal, pen and ink

    Style: abstract realism, Abstract, “imaginart” 

    Annoying Comments about artwork:

    I really believe that art appreciation is a very personal experience and do not expect that everyone will love all art.

    I have learned to appreciate critiques, and I think everyone likes to hear compliments, and I always try to remember that even when judges do not see my pieces as worthy of a show, it is from their perspective. I have had the same judges select my pieces for one show and give me awards and not select even one for other shows.

    I guess throughout my life the comment that I was not good at art had the most influence on me as a young child, and led me to postpone my artistic endeavours for many years that I could have been enjoying them. As a result, I am critical of teachers who do not appreciate every child’s works of art. It is very sad for a child to be discouraged by the words of a teacher who does not realize the effect of their comments.

  6. Manisha Vedpathak

    Manisha VedpathakIndia

    Mediums: Acrylic and oil

    Style: Abstract, semi abstract and figurative

    Has anything people said to you about your art annoyed you?

    ”I don’t really get annoyed as I keep myself open to all the comments and criticism.

    I believe criticism helps you learn to do your best.”

  7. Chai South

    Chai SouthNew Jersey, USA

    Mediums: Oil paint, water based paints, digital, pen and ink and I use recycled materials for sculpting.

    Style: I am an expressionist with tendencies toward the abstract. For bread and butter still life’s with a bit of a twist. I tell a story using various mediums.

    Annoying things people sometimes say:

    ”I think what annoys me, are folks wanting an artist to keep the same style. When I first began painting I had a folksier style. I changed toward an expressionistic abstract style that folks who have followed me for years don’t appreciate. I still get comments from people about my earlier works, but I’ve moved on.”

  8. Vicki Maheu

    Vicki MaheuWashington State, United States

    Style: I paint in a wide range of styles, from realism, to impressionism, to abstract surrealism, it all depends on my mood and what is going on inside me at the time.

    Mediums: Acrylic, Photography, Graphite, Charcoal

    What annoys me:

    “Keep learning, you'll get it eventually”, when I showed them a piece that was completely satisfied with. A piece that I felt accomplished exactly what I wanted. It was not meant to be photo-realistic, but I felt it captured the spirit and emotion of the subject. The comment sort of made me feel like whacking the person on the head with the canvas, but I just said, “Yeah, I'm always striving to improve.”

  9. Antonio Gomez

    Antonio GomezSan Antonio Texas USA

    Style: Abstract, Surreal

    Mediums: Ink, Acrylic, paper mache , Digital

    :  Remedios Varo, Dali, Joshep Cornell,  Clemente Orozo, Monet, Andy Warhol, and many other's.

  10. Virginia Arregui

    Virginia ArreguiNSW, Australia

    Style: My own, don’t know but I’ve had some interesting definitions.

    Mediums: Ceramic Tile

    Statements I am annoyed by:

    "‘It’s great that you can make some money from your hobby’. And people ask how much money you make, I hate that! Isn’t it still a rude question? And my favourite ‘You’ve got time, you don’t work’."

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