The benefits of blogging for artists are many. Not only does blogging help to send traffic to the artist’s main website portfolio, but also helps artist’s connect with fans on a personal level. By posting regularly, people thousands of miles away who may never see the artist in person, will learn to connect with them. This is one of the main benefits of blogging for artists.

blogging for artistsGetting started at blogging is relatively simple. Blogs are very easy to setup and maintain. The main thing required is writing regularly.

I can understand if you think you have nothing to write about – because I once thought the same thing. But as I dove into the realm of blogging, I discovered that, though not a natural writer, I had a lot to say through my blog.

As I regularly write more, I’ve became better at writing and explaining what my art is about.

I have written several articles on the subject of blogging, with the aim of aiding artists in beginning their own art blogs.


Blogging Articles

  1. Topics for Artist Blogs

    blogging topicsThis is a huge list of 103 ideas for art blog topics. If you are ever stuck for ideas for something to write about, this list should help you. This list is only focused on the area of art. Artists do not always have to write about art though. Occasional posts can be about something totally unrelated to the art field – such as a particular charity or social issues.

    Here are some of the more useful topics from this list:

    Talk about a recent artwork.
    Write about what inspires your art.
    Explain your art techniques.
    Write about upcoming events, art competitions, art shows, and art contests. 
    Write about your life story.

  2. Tips for Making your Art Blog Popular

    Unless your blog is a private one, you probably would like lots of followers and subscribers. Though the main way of gaining subscribers and making an art blog popular is writing regularly, that is only one step. I know some people who write every single day, but still have relatively few subscribers.

    I wrote this post with the aim of helping artists grow their blog following, and continually attract visitors.

    Get a DomainHere are some of the tips to make an art blog popular:

    - Pay attention to your blog design
    - Get a custom domain! (This is something I will always recommend because it has been the best thing I have personally done for my own blog)
    - Post quality images of your art.
    - Post regularly and consistently.
    - Promote all your art blog posts at social networks.

    One essential thing I should have mentioned is for readers to have an easy way of subscribing, either through an email signup form or an RSS button. This should be located in plain sight near the top of your artist blog. Feedburner is recommended for this purpose. I have included a tutorial for Feedburner below.

  3. How to Write Great Blog Posts

    As I mentioned above, I am not a natural writer. In the past, writing has never been one of my strengths. But, I have learned some things I can do to make my posts more interesting and engaging.

    art bloggingI share some of these tips with you in this post:

    - Focus on your audience
    - Write a descriptive title.
    - Always format your blog posts.
    - Use images to illustrate the article.
    - Use adjectives to help make your writing interesting.

  4. How to Set up a Blog at Blogger

    Blogger is the free blogging platform from Google, and happens to be very popular among first time bloggers. They are easy to setup and maintain, and have many optional settings and widgets. This is a full tutorial for creating a blog at Blogger.

  5. How to Make a Blogger Blog Look more Professional

    professional blogger blogThere are literally millions of people using Blogger for their blog. How do you make your blog stand out among these? How do you make it look more professional? This tutorial gives several ways on how you can do that.

    Some of the steps include:

    - Getting a premium template
    - Removing the Blogger navbar
    - Using a custom domain
    - Uploading a favicon for your blog
    - Creating a banner

  6. Why Art Students Should Blog

    art students bloggingSince I personally began blogging, I see the enormous potential it has for artists, especially art students. Blogging did not exist while I was in art school, but I wish it did. It is something which would have benefited me greatly early in my art career. This is why I came up with this post – to help art students realize the benefits and potential of blogging.

    These are some of the points I cover:

    - Blogging will help art students explain to others what their art is about.
    - They establish students as upcoming artists.
    - Record your artistic development early.
    - Great for preparing for class critiques.
    - Blog to sell art, and cover some educational expenses.

  7. Setting up Feedburner

        Included in this post is a step by step tutorial on setting up Feedburner on an art blog. Feedburner is a great tool for tracking your blog feed, including many useful tools for acquiring subscribers.

If you have any questions about blogging or would like to request an article on a blog related topic, please leave a comment below. If you feel you have something helpful to share with our readers related to the area of blogging (or any other art related topic), why not send us a guest post.

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