Genevieve Esson

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Mediums: Acrylic and Mixed Media

Style: Contemporary

Painter and mixed media artist. Buoyant and lyrical, the visions of Genevieve Esson are carried to realization in a flow of dancing electricity which embraces and bolsters the spirit of the denizens depicted. A wily legerdemain of implementation transfers a blithe and musing anima directly from the notions of the artist to the heart of the beholder. My mediums are acrylic and mixed media.”

 gargoyle crows2 genevieve esson


First time creating:

I first became interested in art growing up in my Dad's art studio.

I remember looking through his cool art books when I was a toddler. He would paint us all the time, from pictures and portrait sitting.

He encouraged me to be an artist. I love animals and wanted to be a vet when I was younger. I began drawing dogs, cats and horses from Walter T. Foster's "How To Draw Animals" art books. I've always loved art and the natural world around me.


How long have you looked at yourself as an artist?

I have considered myself an artist since I was a teenager in high school. I became a real artist when I started entering my artwork in shows, fairs, festivals, other art events and started selling my artwork professionally. I have completed quite a few public artworks that are on permanent and temporary display in the St. Louis, MO, USA area. I have also donated my artwork and time to charities and fundraisers to help raise money for important causes I believe in.


tree lilies sunrise genevieve esson


What message do you like to convey to viewers through your art?

I wish to bring renewal to viewers, heal their souls and re-join them to the Mother Earth, and her mysterious beauty and order, a spiritual reawakening and connection. None of us are separate. By use of colors such as: green, yellow, orange, purple and blue, swirling in and around animals, people and plants, we regain the knowledge of connection to the universe. Lines of joyous color and movement brightens our world, soothes the soul, and bonds us with nature. Linking people to the natural world, with its magic and beauty, is the aesthetic of my vision. Being drawn into innocence, a well being unfolds, with the unity of all life opening up to the viewer. Art is therapy, celebration, and a journey. Reflecting an enigmatic life with art and association with the essence of the biosphere, I know it will help create and bring about a metamorphosis of change that the world needs at this point in time.


Creative Process

I sometimes think about it and plan it in my head, sketch it out and then paint it. Other times it just begins or comes to me out of the blue. It depends on what is going on in my life or what I'm being influenced by at the time. Sometimes, it's very spontaneous. Boom, I throw the paint on the canvas or whatever medium I’m using at the moment, and it becomes art.


Bird Song genevieve esson



My artwork is inspired by the natural world, words, music, colors, shapes, mystery, dreams, line, the 80's retro art movement, medieval tapestries and illuminated manuscripts.This all includes: Nature, animals, music, people, art, dreams, movement, the wind, clouds, the moon, sea, trees, beauty, sounds, shapes, texture. Lots of different things.



Lots. I have completed three public art projects and am currently painting a large dog statue for the Animal Protective Association for the Hanley & Harry Project in St. Louis, MO. I have had many shows and exhibits at galleries, coffee houses, restaurants, festivals, fairs and paint at LIVE events.


magical earth12 genevieve esson


Are you selling your art?

Yes, lots. I have had many sales at galleries, coffee houses, restaurants, festivals, fairs and paint LIVE events. I also sell online, word-of-mouth, and do commissions.


Online art promotion

Social media: Twitter, Facebook, Fine Art America, MySLART, Yelp, The Patch, my blog, monthly newsletters on my events built on MailChimp via email blasts.


metaphysical fauna genevieve esson



Vincent Van Gogh, Max Ernst, Lionel Feininger, Odilon Redon, Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts, The Hunt For The Unicorn Tapestries, The Lady And The Unicorn Tapestries (The Five Senses), the 80's Retro Art Movement and the Renaissance.


Please recommend another admired artist

All artists! I think it is so awesome that they are out there in the world creating and sharing their work with the public.


power of music2 genevieve esson


Career highlights and recent events

Check out my blog for career highlights and recent events:


Something annoying said about your artwork

Telling their young daughter or son: "You can paint something like that."


Any regrets in your art career?

floral tree fauna genevieve essonYes. I wish I had gotten my education degree in art when I was in college. I was in too much of a hurry to graduate and get a job. I should have also gotten my Masters degree. It would have opened up more job opportunities for me.


Future plans

I would like to sell my art nationally and internationally. I need to get an agent so they can promote me. I can't do it all myself. My goal is to become a better artist and make more money off of my art, so I don't have to have a day job. It is hard to juggle all of this. I would like to have more time just to do my art.


Advice for emerging artists

Keep doing your art and follow your inner voice. Have fun and experiment with different styles and media.



Genevieve Esson Art - A Wily Legerdemain of Implementation

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

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