commander in chief renee oglesbeeRenee Oglesbee

Wimberley, Texas, USA

Mediums: Graphite drawing, photography, acrylic, mixed medium, watercolor

Style: Counter Culture, Pop Art, Abstract, Macro Photography

I am a self-taught artist that enjoys exploring new and creative ways to combine mediums. I was highly influenced by the strong, simple lines of Patrick Nagel’s work. I have been doing art for about a year and a half and have only begun my artistic expression. It seems to be a natural part of my being.


Commander in Chief @ Renee Oglesbee

This one is a mixed medium, watercolor/acrylic that is somewhat a political statement about our current president. Notice the backwards “S” as a statement of the irony of the criticism he has received while in office. I think it depicts the over focus we have on what we believe our leaders “need” to be for us although like you and me, are simply human.


First experience creating art

Interesting story….I had a strong, persistent voice in my head telling me to purchase some graphite pencils and begin to draw. It was the strangest thing. My rule of thumb is if it persists for 3 days I act on it so act I did. I looked at my first piece and literally asked myself….who did that and the rest is history.


How long have you thought of yourself an artist?

Since October, 2011 so about a year and a half. Never had any formal training or any artistic background.


Message conveyed from my art

Beauty and opening a new way of seeing the world. I love natural beauty and most of my photography is of nature….capturing the beauty we often overlook because we are too busy paying attention to what really does not matter. I also love pop art and discovering new ways of viewing the past through modern eyes.


turning japanese renee oglesbee

Turning Japanese @ Renee Oglesbee

I love the bold, strong lines of this piece and how the piece overall is very strong in it’s presentation.


Creative process

Well, I typically get an image of what I want to do in my mind….it has to really excite me for some reason. I take the time to meditate and allow ideas to come to me from my relaxed mind…then I begin. Nothing ever turns out as I plan it though and it is always a surprise for me. “I” step out of the way in the process and allow the source of my talent, which is not the “I” we typically are aware of to have expression through me. I am not there and actually am always amazed at what comes through as the final project. I get completely immersed in emptiness and the absence of actual “effort”. I don’t rely on technique. I rely on inspiration and intuition every step of the way.



An inner urge that is on 24/7. I typically put out a completed piece daily. I also get inspired by what others are doing, new ways of combining mediums and new ways of creating unique images.


meet john doe renee oglesbee

Meet John Doe @ Renee Oglesbee

This graphite drawing is extremely detailed and lifelike. Of all the drawings I have done, this one was the most challenging and time consuming.



I have had several at the Wimberley Valley Art League, Pancakes and Booze Art Show, upcoming RAW: Natural Born Artists “Generation” Show, upcoming one artist show at the University Baptist Church Gallery at the University of Texas at Austin, Texas, local restaurants and coffee houses, and Time Light & Space recently chose one of my photographs for an internationally juried exhibition online out of 672 entries. My art will also be featured in video by Raw: Natural Born Artists as well as San Antonio Counter Culture.


Are you selling your art?

Yes, my favorite way is simply by word of mouth, social media, and at shows.


soft reflection renee oglesbee

Simple Reflection @ Renee Oglesbee

This one won a Special Recognition Award for Outstanding Art. It is a very soft, peaceful photograph of a simple wildflower in sepia.


Promoting art online

I have a website at, through Facebook, and free artist portfolio sites.



Strongly influenced by Patrick Nagel’s work and the local artists I am regularly in contact with or collaborating with.


Artist Recommendation

Rick James. He is one of the best graphite drawing artist I have ever known, nothing he cannot do. He is also very talented in graphic design and is extremely passionate and dedicated to his craft. He’s also an all around wonderful human being.


wink renee oglesbee

Wink @ Renee Oglesbee

This was my first watercolor and I found this medium to be quite easy and fun to use. I will be doing much more watercolor.


Interesting Experiences

Prior to becoming an artist, I was a Federal Law Enforcement Officer and I quite my career 8 years shy of full pension to pursue my passion for art. I made a complete lifestyle change including a physical move to a very rural area to focus on nothing but art.


Annoying things said about my art

That they were jealous of my talent and how it was acted out. It created a lot of drama and rifts between me and other artists that had been at it a lot longer than I had. It’s sad to me that anyone believes so little in their own ability that they would need to create strife to distract me from my own talent.



Only that I did not discover my talent sooner.


buddha nature renee oglesbee

Buddha Nature @ Renee Oglesbee

This one I had a wonderful inner connection to the entire time I was producing it and the depth I was able to capture was very pleasing to me. The simplicity of the piece to me conveys the monks lifestyle.


Future Plans

To continue to explore new, innovative ideas about what art is and how to produce it in a more economical manner given the state of the economy and how it affects the purchase of art as a non-necessity.


Advice for emerging artists

renee-oglesbeePursue your art no matter what happens. Do not pay attention to appearances such as lulls in creativity, the lack of sales, and any limitations you believe exist in your abilities.

Just keep creating and leave the rest up to a Source greater than yourself.

Always believe in what fuels your abilities.


Renee Oglesbee - Infinitely Creative

Wimberley, Texas, USA

Website: Infinitely Creative | Facebook: Renee Oglesbee

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