online video art showI am very honored to report that 10 artists have been selected for our very first curated online video art show! I received MANY submissions, and the task of going through these was a long and arduous process.

Please note that if you were not included in this online exhibition, you still may be in a future video.



This first video is an eclectic mix of artworks from visual artists throughout the globe. The idea recently came to me to create specific slideshows based on theme or even medium. Some examples would include landscapes, abstracts, oil paintings, acrylics, etc. Future videos may be based on these themes or others – but I will still be creating similar diverse exhibitions such as this one.

I am still accepting submissions for future videos, and will continue to do so. If you have not submitted yet, and would like to do so, please visit this page with the details:

Curated Online Art Video

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I will not keep you waiting any longer. Here are the 10 talented artists selected for our first curated online art show.



  1. Bruce Black

    spirit of the canyonBruce Black is a watercolor artist from Phoenix, AZ, USA. Bruce is a previously spotlighted artist at Artpromotivate: Watercolorist Bruce Black

    Here is a brief excerpt from that interview:

    ”I am a mid career artist who has worked through a variety of styles, but landed solidly as a watercolorist. My work is in the genre of American Realism and documents moments of my life, many of which occur in Arizona; which is really not so surprising when one considers that is where I live. Furthermore, I am supported by a most awesome and patient wife and a delightful young son, who thinks I’m pretty cool, at least some of the time.” 

    His piece highlighted here is titled Spirit of the Canyon.

  2. Daniel S. Brummitt

    Hollow Earth Lovers Daniel Brummitt is an artist from MI, USA.

    His piece featured in the video slideshow exhibition is titled Hollow Earth Lovers.

  3. Elynne Rosenfeld

    Many BlessingsElynne Rosenfeld is an artist based in Philadelphia, United States.

    Her recent work are of acrylic paintings of plants and organic forms.

    Her featured painting is titled: Many Blessings

  4. Janet Glatz

    December MorningJanet Glatz is a realism painter from Maine, USA. She specializes in wildlife, landscape and still lifes.

    Find her spotlight here: Maine Realism Painter Preserves Memories

    ”Though I began using oils back in the 80's, I soon tired of the fumes and slow drying time and turned to acrylics. Over time I have developed my own style, which is predominantly natural realism, with touches of photorealism at times. I'm a fast painter who can finish a work in as little as a day. Love to paint sumptuously colored skies, waters, and wildlife. Famous lighthouses have been some of my best sellers.”

    Janet’s painting is titled December Morning.

  5. Marchini Pierre Paul

    Près du pontMarchini Pierre Paul’s (Ajaccio, France) piece presented here is titled Près du Pont.

  6. Rafael Ferran

    ArcadeRafael Ferran Rafael is an artist and art instructor in the New York City, USA.

    His featured artwork is titled Arcade.

  7. Tom Henderson Smith

    Firelight dancersTom Henderson Smith is an artist from Cornwall, England.

    He is also a spotlighted artist at Artpromotivate: Tom Henderson Smith – Celebrating Life and Art

    “I seem to walk a tightrope between optical realism and what I consider to be abstraction (the music of colour and shape in mark-making). Good quality, often "open" acrylics and charcoal on heavy textured paper are my chosen media.”

    Tom’s painting is titled Firelight Dancers.

  8. Janet Gioffre Harrington

    GloriaJanet Gioffre Harrington is an artist, floral designer, muralist and henna tattooist from the USA.

    Her featured piece is titled Gloria.

  9. Jasna Gopic

    Venice Italy Nail polish paintingJasna Gopicis an artist from San Diego, CA, United States. 

    Her paintings are painted with the unique medium nail polish.

    Her featured painting is titled Venice – Italy.

  10. Karen Smith

    sheffieldishKaren Smith is a visual artist and musician from South Yorkshire, UK.

    She was also a spotlighted artist: Photo Art Station 

    “As a musician I have many media images by which I was initially inspired so I worked with varying styles until I found where 'I sat', felt most comfortable and where my ideas could flow from a basic sketch to a final piece. I work digitally most of the time, and for me personally, I need an idea on paper before I begin - going in cold simply doesn't work for me.”

    Her featured piece is titled Sheffieldish.

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  2. Thank you for the video of artists.Nice job! Maybe will try later & forward one, too. Are an especially good group.


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