curated-online-video-exhibitionsI am very excited to be accepting submissions for our first ever Curated Online Art Video Exhibition. These exhibitions will be in slideshow format and promoted all over the web. This is completely FREE for artists.

I will create these videos myself and spend the time promoting them. Below, I give all details on how you may enter your art for these specially curated art videos.


Slideshows are one of the often used methods of presenting artworks online. It is relatively easy to create a slideshow using sites like Flickr, Photobucket or Picasa. But, as I have explained in the past, a slideshow does not have to be tied to photo sharing websites. The slideshow can be created with video creation software and shared in video format, and promoted at Youtube and other video sharing websites. Text and captions can be added, and even background music.

I have already presented these tutorials for making an art video:

Recording a Video with your Webcam – This tutorial explains how to create a video using Windows Live Movie Maker and your webcam. This is a great way of showing the artist painting and presentation of instructional videos.

How to Make a Time Lapse Video – I have watched many videos from artists which use time lapse to lessen the length of the video, and present the creation of art in minutes instead of hours. This an be a powerful method of illustrating the creation process and making paintings magically appear.

How to Use One True Media to Create a Slideshow – This is a simple way of making your own slideshow for Youtube. The main drawback for using One True Media is the ad which displays at the end.

Using Powerpoint to Create a Slideshow – I prefer this method for creating my own art videos. A slideshow can be made of any duration, and include audio and transitions. The slideshow can be saved in multiple formats, including Powerpoint (for uploading at Slideshare) and video for Youtube.


Curated Online Video Exhibitions

We are now officially accepting submissions for curated online video exhibitions. These videos will be shared at multiple video sharing services and social networks, such as Youtube, Pinterest and Facebook. The Powerpoint format of these will be posted to Slideshare.


  1. Each artist may submit up to THREE artworks. The artworks may be in any media, including oil, acrylic, watercolor, digital art, photography, sculpture, etc.

  2. emailIf you would like to be included, send us a message to the email address at the right.

  3. Title the artwork files in this format: title-artist-name.jpg

  4. Promote Art with Video
  5. For the email title, type Youtube Submission This is so we can distinguish these emails from the hundreds of others which we receive daily.

  6. For the body of the email, state your full name and your website, which will be below your artwork on the video.

  7. List the titles of all pieces, and also attach these files to the email.


Depending on the submissions received, I would like to create and promote one of these special video exhibitions within the next couple weeks. So, get those submissions in now, especially if you would like a chance of appearing in the first one.

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  1. Question about the submisson format - wouldn't it be easier to just put a link to each video on YouTube in the body of the email? Some of these files are very large to attach. Just a thought.

  2. Hi Cheryl,
    The attached files are the 3 image files, not video files. :)

  3. Bonjour,
    J'ai envoyé plusieurs documents , interview , photos pour vidéo , mon site sans jamais aucune réponses .

    Que dois je faire ?


  4. @marchini Pierre Paul

    I have received your submission, and will contact you if included.

  5. do you do all the work with video and whatever else you use, I'm not computer savvy and very limited on how to do these things.

  6. @Rico Fonseca Yes.. I gladly create and promote the video myself.. :)

  7. Hi,
    I've sent in 3 photos of art work by me and all details mentioned above. Please do let me know if I can made it. Looking forward to hearing from you


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