Laura Iosifescu


Medium: Painting

Style: Abstract

I was born in Romania but I have been living for the last 8 years in England. I remember before moving to England I was like a plant that buds in early spring. Where now I feel like I have blossomed every season whatever cold or warm was. My work is an expression of freedom and love for life. My paintings are living landscapes transforming over the time just like me.



I feel happy to talk about my sadness © Laura Iosifescu, 2012, Oil and acrylics on linen, 100 /130 cm


Experiences with Art as a Child

From a very young age I loved colours. I remember about a particular painting with monsters and aliens that I was told to do in primary school. I remember I took the drawing at home and spent hours and hours drawing on it and creating these beautiful and colourful uncanny aliens .I remember taking it back to school and showing it to my teacher .He said that wasn’t me who has painted it and I shouldn’t take credit for other people`s work. I cried for ages and I still remember his words. I hated him for not believing that was my work. Eventually he realised I was a natural gifted and he recommended me to a fine art school. Since then my life has changed.


Music and creating art

I like to listen to instrumental music.... but not always, most of the times I am listening to my own singing voice. :D


Artistic Purpose

I feel like I was born to do art and I believe God gave me this gift to make a difference in this world. I have faith that through my work people will listen. I like to push the boundaries with my work and show people that nothing is impossible as long as you believe in what you do. The universe and life is a mystery and through my work I want people to feel inspired not to take it for granted.



Another Face Of My Fears © Laura Iosifescu, 2011, Oil and acrylics on linen, 100 /130 cm


Art Creative Process

It is very, very important for me that each piece will become one of a kind work of art.Therefore I like to design my own tools to create unique marks and textures that can’t ever been reproduced again by anyone. I keep my tools very safe and to me my tools are some of my magical ingredients to what I create.


Art Inspirations

I love to see real life cases where large number of people come together to share one vision. I do believe my work is for a greater course. I consider my work to represent steps into new artistic territory and the future of painting. I have always dreamed to inspired people and become part of the history. Since I was a very young girl I was a dreamer. I always wanted to change the world in better. I always helped the unfortunate people, I always volunteering there where everybody was running from. My paintings are a celebration of Nature. I am creating this magical landscapes of plants made of paint to remind people how amazing Nature is and how much we need it. The Nature is universal is something that we all equally have access to. I have created these landscapes to offer a sense of peace and happiness in a world that sometimes can be so cruel and miserable. While cities and their metropolitan areas reshape the natural lands our Nature is dying.


Laura-Iosifescu-Tectonic Plates

Tectonic Plates © Laura Iosifescu, 2012, Oil and acrylics on linen, 100 /290 cm



  • V.I.P.Private View Exhibition, Debut Contemporary Gallery, the 6th of February, 2013, Notting Hill, London.
  • Festive Private View Exhibition, Debut Contemporary Gallery, the 7th of November,2012, Notting Hill, London.
  • V.I.P.November Exhibition, Debut Contemporary Gallery, the 7th of November,2012, Notting Hill, London.
  • V.I.P. Exhibition, Debut Contemporary Gallery, 5th of October 2012, Notting Hill, London.
  • The Paradisium Exhibition, RichMix Arts and Culture Centre, London, Bethnal Green,18th September 2012
  • Stylish September Exhibition, Debut Contemporary Gallery, 5th of September 2012, Notting Hill, London.
  • T4C-Thank you for Creating,16th August 2012- 06th September 2012,The Arch Gallery, London
  • Summer Salon 2012, Friday 20th July – Friday 10th August, Islington Arts Factory, London
  • Beep. Wales' International Painting Prize - Through Tomorrow's Eyes, 20th July2012-11 of August, Volcano Theatre, Swansea, Wales.
  • STANDPOINT: Quay Arts, Sea Street, Newport Harbour, Isle of Wight, PO30 5BD, June 2012.
  • “It is Green” Exhibition, Cultivate Gallery, Vyner Street, 1st of March, London,2012
  • The Peace Project Exhibition, Gallery 9, Los Angeles, CA, October 22nd ,2011
  • Parallax Art Fair, La Galleria, Royal Opera Arcade, Pall Mall, London, July 1st - 10th 2011.
  • Barnet Open Art exhibition, Gallery 89, High Barnet, Herts, EN5 4AZ, London, 9th of June 2011.
  • Showcase Exhibition, RichMix Arts & Culture Centre, London, 25th of May 2011.
  • Open House Exhibition, The Rag Factory, 16 Heneage Street,off Brick Lane,London,14th April, 2011.
  • Full Circle Exhibition, The Crocus Gallery, Nottingham,3 Feb.2011.
  • 100 Sqft Launch Exhibitions, London, 27 November, 2010.
  • Arts After Dark Exhibition in collaboration with 100sqft Exhibition, Oct- 2010, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
  • 100 Sqft Exihibition, London, 1 August 2010.
  • First Year Final Show at AVA Gallery, London.
  • ArtWorks Open 2010 Exhibition, Blackhorse Lane Studios, May 29th 2010.
  • Trinity Buoy Warf Gallery, April 2010,London
  • First Year Show - AVA Gallery, 2009,London


Have you sold artworks and how?

Of course I have and I still am. Actually my work is attracting a great crowd every time is showed. I sell my work through galleries and sometimes collectors prefer to approach me about a particular work or commission.



New Year`s Celebrations © Laura Iosifescu, Oil and acrylics on linen, 100cm/80cm


How have you been promoting your art on the internet?

My work is promoted on my official website; Facebook and Twitter. I like to promote with social media as I consider is important to keep connected with people that believes in you and in your vision.



Italy to me is the most inspiring country in the art realm. I know the country has given birth to some of the greatest artists of all time and built some of the most amazing buildings in the history. You can see the influence of Italian sculptural techniques “relievo rilievo”, all over my work.

Love the impressionists but also I love a wide number of contemporary artists from Richter to Riley, Bernard Frieze to Fabien Maccachio, Jonathan Lasker and Alexis Harding and the sculptures of Claudia Borogna.


Please recommend another admired artist

I admire a lot of my fellow artists and fellow friends but today I will only mention one. Carne Griffith. His artworks and love for drawing are inspirational. He is working primarily with calligraphy ink, graphite and liquids, such as tea, brandy, vodka and whisky. But what I love most are his portraits of people and their relationships with Nature. His style is easy recognisable and very much infections to the other artists.


Please relate some interesting things from your life

Did you know that moles we see on our bodies are like the stars we see in the sky at night? It may represent details about a person’s personality and their destiny. This concept is called Moleosophy. The same as how horoscopes are dependent on the month we are born in… but more strangely is that I was borne with Ursa Major Constellation on my left hand side... Does it mean that I was born to have a great destiny? Any thoughts on that?


Laura-Iosifescu-Nature Appliques

Nature Appliqués © Laura Iosifescu, 2012, Oil and acrylics on linen, 100 / 130 cm


Have you ever been annoyed by any comment about your art?

“So all you do is flowers?”

Answer: Noooo!

The greatest thing about my work is that I am the only artist in the world which creates living plants and landscapes made of paint. Have a look on my website and watch the videos about the meaning behind the flowers.


Do you have regrets in your art career?

The regrets are that I wish I could create more art works and not have to be worried about how I am going to pay for the materials.. But these worries hopefully are going to be vanished forever.



Life and Death © Laura Iosifescu, Mixed Media, oil paint, acrylics, metal, glass


What plans do you have for the future of your art?

Right now I have started a new series of work but unfortunately because of financial circumstance I found it difficult to continue working on my pieces. I don’t want to feel restricted in creation by not having my materials around. I could be like everybody else using one tube of paint but that’s not going to be me and that is not going to help me to push boundaries especially when I am using huge amount of paint and other resources.

With the help of American Kickstarter I would like to raise $16.872 (that is 11,000 British pounds) to cover all the expenses that come in order to finish the new series of art work. All the money raised will be going towards production and labour costs: paint, wood, frames, equipment (electrical drill, sander and saws), plinths, and glass boxes.

Please click here to see the short films about the project and about your rewards.


(Editors note: Please watch the video to see these incredible paintings in full 3-D)


Advice for emerging artists

You are the source of your creation you don’t need to look somewhere else for inspiration.

Laura Iosifescu Art - Living Landscapes Transforming over the Time


Website: Laura Iosifescu Art | Blog | Twitter | Facebook page

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