Samantha Lesley

London, United Kingdom

Mediums:  Acrylic

Style: Abstract

abstract art


My name is Samantha and I specialize in abstract painting, born in London. I graduated from Middlesex University after studying BA Fine Art in 2011.

Using a mixed palette, my work shows the physical gesture in the way I scrape the paint in different directions, to create a textured piece which the audience can interpret in their own way.

I am interested in the process of painting and how different colours are mixed together to create a ‘torn’ effect. Inspired by Gerhard Richter and Piet Mondrian.


Is there a message you are trying to give to those to viewing your art?

I want viewers to look at my paintings and have a think what they can see; there is no right or wrong answer.


samantha lesley abstract painting


What inspirations do you have for your paintings?

Nature, colour, mood. Three of my main big influences which have a big part of my everyday life.


Please tell us about exhibitions you have taken part in.

I have been in a few group exhibitions, my recent group exhibition was at a new art gallery which has only just opened near my house, called SPACE art gallery.


Are you selling any of your paintings?

Yes. I have sold a few paintings to friends, and also to a few people on social networking websites.


samantha lesley painting abstract


How have you been promoting your art on the internet?

I have a Facebook page which I share a lot on art groups. I am also featured on Artistsinfo and Artistsdirectory

I also use Twitter and BlogSpot to promote my work.








Please tell us about your artistic influences.

Gerhard Richter. I came across Richter during my studies at University and really grew to like his work. It wasn’t just his work which I loved; it was the way he used the paint on a giant canvas, and a huge squeegee to create such amazing abstracts.


Please tell us about an interesting event in your life

I went to Paris back in May in 2012 and it was one of the best experiences I had in my life.  Paris is such a beautiful city, with so many places to explore and to visit. During my visit I went to The Centre Pompidou, which I am sure any artist has heard of. An amazing modern art museum in the centre of Paris, which I was very surprised with the way the building looked like when I first saw it, nothing like the Tate Modern in London. I spent a whole day there and enjoyed every minute of it, I didn’t want to leave!


What is the most annoying comment someone has said to you about your art?

The most annoying comment I had which was from a women on Facebook who said, I copy Gerhard Richter and that I copy really badly. I actually think she was just jealous of my paintings. I will never let anyone destroy my art talent.


samantha lesley abstract art


What plans do you have for the future of your art career?

Keep creating and to sell. Do as many group shows and solo shows. I love showing the public my art!


Would you like to share some good advice for aspiring and emerging artists?

If you have a deep passion for something which you love, do not give up. Just keep going and you will achieve your goals.


Samantha Lesley Abstract Artist

London, United Kingdom

Blog: Samantha Lesley | Twitter: @Samantha_Artist | Facebook page: Samantha Lesley


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  1. I also see some anselm kiefer influences. Shouldn't your work be catagorized as nonobjective rather than abstract?


Thank-you for your comment!