youtube art exhibition10 artists and artworks have been chosen for our second online video exhibition. We have been accepting submissions for curated video slideshow exhibitions. The online art shows are promoted at our Youtube channel, Facebook page, Google+, Twitter, and more. The first video was very successful, having received 249 views and 15 likes at Youtube, and 541 views at Slideshare.

Find the first online art show here: First Online Video Art Show

Congratulations to all the artists selected for this video. Remember, if you have not been chosen for this online group show, you still may be included in an upcoming video. The best way to instantly find out if you are included is to subscribe to our Youtube channel.

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A special THANK-YOU and congratulations to all the artists selected for this online exhibition.

  1. Wilderness Dream Cheryl OCheryl O - Wilderness Dream

    ”In one word, I would call my art "exploring". I love to try new things, new techniques, new ways of combining colour, new unusual paint effects.

    My goal is to delight the viewer in colour, texture, shape, movement - and so share the joy.”

  2. BrainFlower Lauren CurtisLauren Curtis – Brainflower

    ”I really enjoy experimenting with a variety of mediums, including oils, watercolor, pen & ink, collage, photography and Photoshop.

    My favorite subjects are nature, mythology, travel, spirituality and gothic-oriented works.

    For my commissioned freelance work I illustrate for children's books, greeting card & craft companies, book and CD covers, promotional materials, etc. and have my own lines of cards & t-shirts.”

  3. Master TBenjamin Mitchley - Master T

    ”I was born in South Africa, in 1967, and studied fine arts at the Vaal Triangle Technikon in Van der Bijl Park and Pretoria Technikon.

    In my latest works I depict scenes of everyday life. I continue to search for new ideas and experiment with new techniques and mediums. I do commission work in Oil and Acrylic painting, Scenic painting, Sculpture, Drawing, Illustration, Animation and Photography.”

  4. Clovelly Harbour Heatherbell BarlowHeatherbell Barlow - Clovelly Harbour

    ”Whilst painting the tropical stage set for the Musical South Pacific I had a eureka moment: painting beautiful landscapes is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Two years ago I gave up my teaching career in order to pursue a career as a professional artist. I am not attached to a gallery but have found venues to put on my own solo shows; six so far as well as an open studio event from my home. My next solo show will be in April: My Journey So Far.”

  5. Break OnThrough Leslie KellLeslie Kell - Break On Through

  6. Spring Sounds artist Mehriban EfendiMehriban Efendi - Spring Sounds

    ”I am an international award winning artist working in surrealistic style of work which is coming from not mind but from “a heart home” of a soul which has more knowledge than a human being.”

  7. Walk the Night Rachel BingamanRachel Bingaman - Walk the Night

    “I want my art to move people in such a way that they are pushed into creative output themselves. I want my art to be prolific. I want it to scream and shout people's names, but also to whisper softly - gently calling them in to rest.”

  8. Coffee at Paddington Virginia ArreguiVirginia Arregui - Coffee at Paddington

    ”I have been a ceramic artist for over 15 years, initially creating designer home wares. My recent work has concentrated on a varied range of ceramic tile paintings. These paintings have really been inspired by the amazing tile murals that I’ve admired throughout Europe. I feel that my work is a modern day version of this old world ceramic art.”

  9. BLACK HOLEJessica Harel - Black Hole

  10. Dissipative Structures Zalman BerkowitzZalman Berkowitz - Dissipative Structures








We are still accepting submissions for upcoming video exhibitions! Read details on how you can submit artwork here: Curated Online Show

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    ~Lauren Curtis


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