Sonali Kukreja

Austin, Texas, United States

Mediums: Oil and acrylic

Style: Contemporary


Joy Sonali Kukreja Artist


Art to me is a way of life. It’s beautiful, intriguing, challenging, exciting, mysterious, joyful and simply wonderful.

I was always drawn to art but I discovered my passion for art when I joined an art school to learn oil painting to enrich my learning experience. I further educated myself by painting and reading numerous books on drawing and painting.

My main goal is that my art should not only look appealing or entertaining, but inspires and enhances life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I want my art to be conversational pieces along with the beauty that they bring.

Please tell us about your first time creating art

It was exhilarating. My first piece made me realize that I am here to create art. It took me away from all the unpredictability of life and acted as a soother where you lose track of time.


Do you have any favorite music playing while creating art?

Classical crossover music. Andrea Bocelli is one of my favorites.


Lost in Music Sonali Kukreja


What message do you like to imply through your artwork?

I strive to bring serenity in my paintings.


What is your creative process?

I first plan, draw and then paint. But sometimes a new idea comes up for which I can’t wait so I hop on to that one till I complete it and get back to the earlier to finish it.

Are there things which inspire you to create art?

Specifically people and everything around them. My background in Psychology makes me want to study people’s personalities, behavior, attitude and lifestyle.


Three Angels Sonali Kukreja


Can you give a summary of past art exhibitions?

-Pancake and booze Art Show, Austin,Texas
-Donated couple of pieces for a silent auction at a fundraiser at Hot Mama’s café, Austin,Texas. -House Exhibitions

Have you sold any of your art?

Yes, online and through contacts.


What methods do you use to market art online?

My websites, email, Facebook, Fine Art America, Redbubble.


Romance oil painting


Do you have influences?

My influences are first and foremost everything I see, feel and experience.


Can you recommend another admired artist?

I admire pretty much all the artists. I like and generally end up learning something or the other from them.


Did you ever have anything annoying said to you about your art?

I get annoyed when people say how lucky I am that I don’t have to work and I just have to draw and paint. I wish they know what all goes behind the scenes for a full time artist.


Mystery woman Oil painting


Are there regrets in your life path as an artist?

Not really but yes it would have been better if I had started it earlier but I tell myself that it’s never too late.


What future aspirations do you have for your art career?

Keep creating art, keep learning, keep influencing people. I also want to sell more art. I wish I have PR help to promote and sell my work so that I get more time to create even more art.


Would you like to leave some helpful advice for emerging artists?

Sonali Kukreja ArtistKeep on going and don’t give up. That’s what I tell myself as an emerging artist.


Sonali Kukreja – Serene Paintings

Austin, Texas, United States

Website: Serene Compositions | Follow at Facebook | Fine Art America | Redbubble


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