artmatch social is a new social, e-commerce network for artists, galleries and art lovers/collectors - a new way of connecting the world with art.

Artmatch contains all the things one would expect from a social and marketing site for artists: Fully featured portfolios, uploading artworks, artist statements, ability to search artworks, messaging, and more.



The site is in beta now and goes live in July, 2013. I did notice some errors when setting up my profile.. so I mention these below to help out the developers during this early stage. If you notice anything which needs to be fixed, you can contact them or mention it in the comments of this post. Please also state your browser.

Here is a preview of some of the features, along with a walkthrough for setting up your profile.

  1. Go to and click the Register link at the top. Fill in your details in the popup form, then click Signup. Click the confirmation link in the email you receive to complete signup.

  2. artmatch portfolioOn the next page appears a welcome message along with a tour, and some steps to setup your art match profile.
    Click Get Started to begin.
  3. Create your First Portfolio

    At the top, click Add images, and next the green Add files button. Find the image files from your computer, select them, then Start the upload.

    Please be aware that only jpg files and 1000px width images are currently accepted. When completed, click Upload Done.

  4. Edit your Images 

    Click the image under Unassigned Artwork. There are two handy editors here for your images.

    Create your own Website!Change Thumbnail – select the size and proportion for your artwork thumbnail image. (Incidentally, I had to logout and log back in to get the thumbnail to update)

    Edit Artwork Info. – Space to include details about the artwork, including title, colors, medium, framing, dimensions, etc. (Note to developers - This would not work for me, as the Save button appears below the visible screen – I am using Google Chrome) This feature must be working OK for some others though, as I did notice image descriptions alongside other artist’s artworks. (UPDATE: I just confirmed that all artworks can be added without difficulty using Firefox)

  5. Add  Artist Statement 

    Do this in the Edit Portfolio mode, The link to add it is at the top, near Add Images.

  6. Write on the Sketchpad

    The sketchpad is a record of activity on Artmatch, including all that you do on Artmatch – adding artist statements, exhibits, new images, etc. The sketchpad also features comments made by yourself or others, and follow notifications. It functions basically in the same way as the activity feeds at Twitter and Facebook.

    Sketchpad owners can also make their own comments appear there. Think of these as status updates. But, please be aware that these cannot deleted or edited at this time.

  7. Add an Exhibit

    Click the Exhibit icon, then new exhibit. Here, there are plenty of categories to enter information about your new exhibition, including title, location, dates, times and more.

  8. Post an Interview

    This option is only available for premium Artmatch members and functions similar to the artist spotlight at Artpromotivate. Artists can select 10 questions to answer, and have them published for the public to read.

  9. Create your Profile

    artmatch profilePart of this is done when you first join Artmatch. But, there is also space here to enter a biography. The biography is a great place to enter an introduction or additional information about yourself, along with website and social profile links.

  10. Adding a Profile Image

    This can be done at the Edit portfolio page. Drag one of the images you have uploaded to the Profile Images box, then click Save at the top.

    The first one listed will be used as your profile image. (My profile image would not update without rebooting the page)

  11. Follow and message others

    Artmatch has a useful social element. Artists and collectors can follow others, and communicate with them through messaging.

For myself, Artmatch was not at first entirely functional. This was because of the browser I used  – Google Chrome. Everything was fine when I used Firefox. Hopefully, the developers get these problems fixed during this early beta stage. This site has a lot of potential and will undoubtedly be a great new place for artists.

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  1. Thanks, Graham, for another great link and instructions to aid us in our continuing quest for recognition and communication with like minded people. I will certainly give this a go.

  2. Just wondering, where do you find the different rates for joining this site, that is before deciding to join it?

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