Tim Smith

Northamptonshire England

Mediums: Graphite pencil, acrylic

Style: Realism


Child and baby tim smith


Hi my name is Tim smith - I live in Northamptoshire, I am a self accomplished pencil portrait Artist with over 15 years experience in drawing portraits of various subjects including pets, birds of prey, people, architecture and even carp. I specialise in highly detailed hand drawn portraits in graphite pencil but I also create paintings in acrylic medium.


How long have you been creating portraits?

I started my Art at school, my art teacher was lovely her name was miss Read and gave me loads of encouragement.


Have you had success at selling drawings?

I have been drawing and painting all my life but only really selling it for the last 15 years.


Is there any particular message you are trying to give to viewers of your portraits?

I am trying to convey a true likeness of my subject when I create my Art.


What inspires you to create your art?

I am inspired by lots of things from a stone to a building and always have a sketch book in hand.


Charlie dog drawing tim smith


Where have you displayed art?

I lived in the very pretty fishing village of Clovelly on the North Devon coast - it has a lovely little art gallery where I displayed and sold my work. I am also a Falconer and displayed and sold drawings of birds of prey at the many centres I worked at around the country.


How have you been promoting your art on the internet?

I now promote my work on the internet through sites like Facebook, Twitter and my website.


What are your plans for the future of your art career?

I hope i can continue doing my art and making a comfortable living from it.


What about influences – do you have any?

I am influenced by many artists - there are lots of talented people out there. I love Constable’s work. I have had a very interesting life working all over the country as a falconer and selling drawings and paintings of the birds in the various gift shops I am fortunate, everyone has been very kind about my work, apart from me I am very critical of it.


dog drawing tim smith


Do you have any regrets in your artistic career?

I have no Regrets in my life I have been very fortunate in everything i have done and consider my self very lucky.


Can you share advice for emerging artists?

My advice for any emerging artist is practice practice practice get your self out there and promote you work via your own website and social media


Tim Smith - Highly Detailed Hand Drawn Portraits in Graphite Pencil

Northamptonshire England

Website: Tim’s Canvas Fine Art | Twitter | Facebook page


Emailed Comments

This work is exquisite. I am also an artist and recognize a real talent . Beautiful sensitivity of the subject also. Norma Young


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