Have you been wondering about how to get into the world of art licensing? For those who do not know much about licensing art, here is a brief overview of what is involved.

how-to-understand-art-licensing-contractsThe artist, illustrator, designer or photographer makes an agreement with a company for specific usage of a work.

This may involve something as simple as a photograph or artwork printed on postcards, which would be distributed to multiple locations. As in book publishing, the artist may receive a percentage of each item sold, or an agreed upon amount.


In these situations it is important that the artist ensure that they retain copyright of their artwork, especially in the case of wanting to license it for a different type of product.

I know of many artists who license their artwork to companies, and are having great success with it. If you are one who is interested in licensing art, it is essential that you understand what art licensing contracts are all about.

There are some great resources that I recommend.

How to Understand Art Licensing Contracts

This is a 173 page ebook guide on understanding the ins and outs of art licensing contracts, written by licensing experts Tara Reed (ArtLicensingInfo.com) and Maria Brophy (MariaBrophy.com). Both women have years of experience in the art license industry, and have made this helpful resource available to us.


Here is what some who have read “How to Understand Art Licensing Contracts” had to say:

Barb Tourtillotte, Artist, Designer, Licensor, Barb Tourtillotte Illustration www.TurtleCrossings.com

"I've signed hundreds of licensing agreements over the last 10 years and was astonished at some very important clauses that aren't included in my contract or didn't take notice of in theirs that were covered in How to Understand Art Licensing Contracts."


Marty Qatani, artist, martytoons.com

"Tara and Maria's e-book, How To Understand Art Licensing Contracts, is a must read for any artist involved in Art Licensing, whether they are just beginning or have been in the game for awhile. Written from the point of view of two seasoned art licensing veterans who learned the ropes by doing the work themselves. It' s clear concise style, incredible organization, and well thought out format, make it impossible not to find needed factual information. If you're working with art licensing contracts and don't have this on your desktop, you're just making things harder for yourself than they need to be."


Lissi Kaplan, artist, www.LissiKaplan.com

"The book How to Understand Art Licensing Contracts was amazing!!! thank you for writing such an important resource. I changed my whole licensing contract after I read your book!!"


Sherri Conley, Fine Art Photographer, www.SherriConley.com

"This is exactly what I was looking for!  I now consider How to Understand Art Licensing Contracts my "go-to" resource book for any and all licensing information. I highly recommend it to anyone needing advice in this complex and often confusing subject. All aspects of licensing are thoroughly covered and explained in easy-to-understand layman's terms.

This is a must-read for any artist thinking about delving into the world of licensing contracts. Thanks, Tara and Maria, for putting this book together and for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with others! Kudos to you both on a job well done!


The Artist’s Short License Agreement Package

Artist's Short License Agreement Template Package
This package comes from art licensing expert Maria Brophy. It includes templates artists can use again and again for different licensing agreements. The package is intended as an addition to “How to Understand Art Licensing Contracts”, and is ideal for illustration packages, royalty deals, one time payment deals, and temporary use agreements (eg. t-shirts, stickers, etc.) To learn more about what is included in this package, click the image on the right.


Get Both the Ebook and Templates

Art Licensing Contract Resources from ArtLicensingInfo.com
In the interest of making both resources easier to obtain for artists, Tara and Maria have gracefully offered both the ebook and templates as a combined package.

Click the image on the right and scroll down and select option 3 to learn more.



If you have any questions about either art licensing resource, please leave a comment below.

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