Following the success of our last post featuring colorful abstract paintings, I decided to write another similar article featuring artists from our artist spotlight. This time, the focus will be contemporary sculpture artists. These are 7 sculptor artists, and an image of one of their sculptures. These artists use a variety of  mediums, including paper, wood, glass, steel, stone and more. Learn more about these artists by clicking on their name, which will take you to their interview page at Artpromotivate.

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  1. Francene Levinson

    paper sculpture

    Francene Levinson creates sculpture with paper using an ancient Chinese paper folding technique. Her paper sculpture is titled Sea Flower.

    ”As a resident of Florida, I am keenly aware of natural settings. Ocean life has revealed the most interesting forms for my exploration and interpretation into paper sculpture. Immediately after the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, I created the "Three Sentinels."

    I had seen oil creeping up the marsh grass stalks and envisioned the last three blades of grass left to watch, finally fading away.”

  2. Eleanor Brownridge

    glass sculpture
    Canadian sculptor Eleanor Brownridge creates art from glass. Her glass sculpture is titled Cosmic Event.

    ”I started making stained glass as a hobby and to cover the windows in my own home. But once I took a couple of fusion glass classes I was hooked! With a kiln in my garage I was fusing 24/7. That's when I gave myself five years to see if glass art could be my new career.

    Since I was already owner of a PR business I was able to use the profits from my writing to finance those challenging first years. At the end of that time I had made some gallery connections and knew the space and equipment I'd need in a full studio.”

  3. David Parfitt

    stone sculpture

    David Parfitt is a UK sculpture who creates monumental sculpture and public art in stone, glass, wood, steel, plastics, etc. His stone sculpture pictured here is named Tree.

    ”My work falls into two main categories; product led & process led. In as much that I make monumental site specific sculpture - Public Art, but this is usually informed through a process of collaboration and social practise.

    I would say that the majority of what I consider to be my work, is about engaging with the act of making art with a very broad range of people, often the result is not an object but a mutual sharing of creativity through activities.

    As well as making monumental permanent sculpture, I also regularly make monumental ephemeral work, often secretly.”

  4. Piano as Art

    piano sculpture
    Piano as Art is a collaboration between Shauna Holiman and Penny Putnam. Together, they create collages and sculptures from discarded piano parts. Their piece above is named Trilobite.

    PIANO AS ART is quite post modern. As most of the pieces are made out of reclaimed piano parts, the work is fundamentally 3 dimensional and sculptural. Much of it is light hearted and some downright funny.”

  5. Joy Hutchins

    pipe sculpture
    Joy Hutchins (USA) sculptures are created with pipe fitting, cord and vinyl tubing. Her sculpture pictured is titled Illusion.

    Words and numbers. Words and numbers are symbols that point to how our minds created our reality. I'm looking to create an object we see every day all day and see it differently. See the magic of these symbols that instantly create a visual form or idea and can elicit an emotional response because of their content (shape & form).”

  6. Teresa Perleberg

    zebra wool sculpture

    Teresa Perleberg (USA) uses needle felting to create wool sculptures of animals. Above is pictured her sculpture named Zebra.

    ”An animal will inspire me, I will know when I look at it or a picture of it and I can see it all in my head put together that this is the one. The way they look at me and especially their face and expression will grab me. I dye the wool to the correct color of the animal and begin sculpting using a barbed felting needle. Once I get the basic body shape I add wool where it is needed to sculpt the animal. Sometimes I start with the head if this may the biggest challenge other times I start with the body. The last thing is always the ears, tail, stripes or dots. I either take pictures of the animals or find them in books or on the Internet to look at while sculpting. Photography was my first love. I can’t wait to take their picture when they are completed!”

  7. Jim Sloane

    wood sculpture
    Jim Sloane is a wood sculptor from the United States. His above piece is named Big Bang.

    ”My style is driven somewhat by tools I have selected to make my wood collages. And mostly my style is modern abstract. My latest theme is the Cosmos, our universe. I am fascinated by the randomness of space and its inhabitants. My process usually, is think of a subject and interpret it in wood, the ‘Big Bang’ piece I made is an example. (2’ X 4’ X 6”)”


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