nature art landscape paintingsNature is a very popular theme in art, and for good reason. Nature is an unending source of inspiration. Landscape artists capture the beauty of our world by painting plants, trees, mountains, valleys, forests, rivers and more.

Artists have been painting landscapes for centuries. Landscape and nature has even been predominant themes in my own artwork.



This post contains 10 landscape paintings from our featured artists.

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So, check out beautiful nature and landscape art from 10 inspirational contemporary artists:


  1. Michael Gaudet 

    Michael Gaudet is a talented Canadian muralist, landscape painter and portrait artist. His piece pictured below is titled: U-Pick Apples (Hennigar's at Annapolis Valley, N.S.).

    Michael Gaudet

    ”For the past few years I have been very impulsive when choosing my subject matter. When I see something or come up with an idea for a painting, I will just DO IT! My artwork falls roughly into four categories, albeit all with a common stylistic thread. They are: landscape, wildlife, portraiture and murals.”

  2. Jivan Lee

    Jivan Lee is a New York artist who paints with thickly painted walnut oil paint, as seen in his piece below: Orilla Verde at Rio Grande

    jivan lee landscape

    ”My love of the abstract in our everyday is central to all my work -- how if you look at anything close enough it becomes a constellation of color with nothing else discernable. I guess I just love big abstract slabs of color that unify when viewed at distance, and this ends up developing in my paintings.”

  3. Cathy McClelland

    Cathy McClelland is an Australian landscape artist and plein air painter who paints in the contemporary realist style. Her painting below is named She’s Mine.

    landscape art
    ”Nature is my major art influence as I observe and work out in the field I am able to produce authentic paintings that people enjoy.”

  4. Caroline Swaine-Donohoe

    Irish artist Caroline Swaine-Donohoe paints beautiful scenes of trees, parks, seascapes and more. Her below painting is titled Phoenix Park.

    trees landscape
    ”I always feel if you go looking for inspiration it will evade you. I get most of my ideas in the most random moments or places. For example, I was at traffic lights and daydreaming, staring at the shadow a tree was casting on a concrete wall when I realised it was an amazing image, nature vs. concrete!!”

  5. Paul Crimi

    Paul Crimi is a Boston contemporary impressionist and abstract artist. See his painting below named Lupines at Sunset.

    flowery field painting

    ”I am first a modern contemporary impressionistic artist - I enjoy abstraction, sculpture and assemblages as well. I have explored every avenue of art for my entire life. I am a member of the Boston Printmakers.”

  6. Alice Helwig   

    Canadian painter Alice Helwig makes skies and clouds a predominant part of her paintings. Her piece below is titled Faye’s Sky.

    sky clouds painting

    ”I am interested in letting the paint show. I like the contrast between thick and thin passages of paint. Often I layer the work, often painting over textured surfaces, sometimes that means using or re-purposing old paintings.”

  7. Tom Henderson Smith

    UK artist Tom Henderson Smith’s landscape painting below is titled Penwith Winter Solstice.

    colorful landscape

    ”I seem to walk a tightrope between optical realism and what I consider to be abstraction (the music of colour and shape in mark-making). Good quality, often "open" acrylics and charcoal on heavy textured paper are my chosen media.”

  8. Wendy Goldberg

    California artist Wendy Goldberg paints moody landscapes with pastels. See her painting below titled Berkshires: Early Autumn.

    chalk pastel landscape
    ”My work has been for the most part moody landscape based pastel paintings ranging in subject matter from daybreak to night to interiors.”

  9. Kate Masterson

    British artist Kate Masterson is a landscape artist who paints the experience of being in a landscape – physically and emotionally. Her piece below is named St Ives 4.

    impressionism landscape
    ”I am inspired by small moments such as a hovering bee and also the huge panoramic. My paintings strive to convey a sense of space and openness that I always feel. Drawing, recording and photographing the landscape are my source material generating a personal language of lines, shapes and colours that capture my thoughts and feelings.”

  10. Lee Nixon

    Virginia artist Lee Nixon paints luminous images of nature. His painting is named Majestic Day at Gregg’s Pond.

    luminous painting 
    “The passion, love, and appreciation for the planet we call earth is what being conveyed through my art. And, although the earth is being ruined through pollution, it is still a splendid spectacle to behold. On a clear day, which are becoming rarer, brilliant hues of color, and surrounding mountains throughout Virginia become visible for the eyes to behold. My goal is to enhance the viewer’s appreciation for the immense beauty of the earth all around us, that is, takes the time to allow our senses to feast on the surrounding beauty.”

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