inspire artistsArtists are inspired by many things.

They may be inspired by nature, their surroundings, books they read, magazines, movies, television shows, music, travel, emotions, memories, their sketchbook, other artists and their artworks, and much more.

The list of things which may inspire artists goes on and on.

Ideas for artworks sometimes come out of the blue, when the artist least expects it. Many artists have sketchbooks handy, so ideas can be jotted down and referred to later. Some ideas happen while the artist is painting. This is why it is so important for artists to sometimes just create for the sake of creating, especially those who have artists block.

Personally, I am inspired by my environment, memories, and all the talented artists I regularly feature here at Artpromotivate.

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10 Artists and their Inspirations

  1. Tim Smith 

    Tim SmithNorthamptonshire England

    Style: Realism 

    Mediums: Graphite pencil, acrylic

    Inspirations: “I am inspired by lots of things from a stone to a building and always have a sketch book in hand.”

  2. Solanges Jolicoeur 

    Solanges JolicoeurCaribbean Islands/Haiti

    Style: figurative, non anecdotic subjects 

    Mediums: acrylics / pastels 


    ”Sometimes, a visual incentive, another time, a sensation, an emotion that become feelings that I want to revive on the canvas. There is the “moment” that can be expressed fluently, whenever the inspiration is complete and the technicality (although very present) is unconscious and serves to its best, pure creativity. And there is the moment where the feelings must confide into the concept: ideas, direct technicality or inversing of technicalities (for style purpose), conscious focusing to grasp the unconscious feelings.”

  3. Christine Keech

    Christine KeechWindsor, Ontario, Canada

    Style: semi-abstract 

    Mediums: acrylics, mixed media


    “Usually, during church I will be struck by something I've heard and I have to sketch it on the bulletin before I lose the image that's popped into my head. I make notes about colour, object placement and process. I love colour, trees, fish and plants, so they frequently make appearances in my work.”

  4. Sergey Kireev
    Sergey Kireev
    St. Petersburg, Russia

    Style: travel photography

    Mediums: photography


    “I have a simple construction so I simply change the biochemical status of my brain doing physical exercises.”

  5. Shawn Shawn
    Shawn Shawn
    California, USA

    Style: abstract, political conceptual 

    Mediums: acrylic, paper, foil, etc. 


    “I gather my inspiration from other artists. Usually, I peruse 100s of photos on Flickr, especially graffiti. I really wish I had tried that as I was younger, but now I’m deep on the blue pill, so no turning back now Mr. Anderson.

    Another source of inspiration is to read great books of come backs “Huckleberry Finn”, “Source of Happyness”, “Soldier Svek”, “Maus”, etc. I additionally like to read up on famous artists like Banksy, Saber and Shephard Fairey, who put together great art books without all the museum kiss ass mushiness.”

  6. Ken Roko
    Ken Roko
    Toronto, Canada

    Style: Traditional. Contemporary

    Mediums: Digital. Oil. Pastel. 


    “I usually get inspired by daily objects and reading books. I think books can be very useful sometimes to be more imaginative visually.”

  7. Suzanne Southerton
    Suzanne Southerton
    Wiltshire England

    Style: figurative and abstract 

    Mediums: oil on canvas, drawing mediums


    “Music, colour, nature, people, a beautiful landscape (although I have never tried doing a landscape, I am smitten with scenery), and finally the simple act of making marks. Occasionally emotions have a hold and will come out - quite fiercely and suddenly.”

  8. Elizabeth J. White
    Elizabeth J. White
    United States, Easley, South Carolina

    Style: free style

    Mediums: Oil, charcoal, ink, Acrylic, Watercolor


    “I never really thought about that, but I guess my answer would be, God, Family, Country
    and the beauty all around me, as I tell my grandbaby when she ask what I'm gonna paint, I just say granny's world.”

  9. Sara Paxton
    Sara Paxton

    Style: Contemporary

    Mediums: Oils


    ”The Impressionists have been a major influence, especially Monet. I also love Fred Williams, particularly the work he did of the Pilbara region.”

  10. Amy Smith

     Any SmithUSA

    Style: Mixed media collage

    Mediums: Digital and mixed media painting


    “Fashion photography and graffiti art is really inspiring to me. The emotion, power, and stories they convey are really inspiring. Other artists are great motivators to me as well. I feel more motivated when I see other people’s work so I tend to frequent gallery openings and shows around Los Angeles.”

Now it is your turn to answer this question. Who or what inspires you to create art?

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  1. This is great. Inspiration is the key to open the doors to creativity. What is so interesting is how different it is from one artist to the next.


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