Donna Muller

Nova Scotia, Canada

Mediums: Oil and Acrylics

Style: Mostly realism


My Gallery Donna Muller

My Gallery © Donna Muller – a painting of my yard with my Gallery and Cottage Rental


I like to paint from a picture so I have a starting point and then I submerge myself into the painting for it to take shape. I like painting pictures of people in action or contemplation in our lovely surroundings.


Can you remember your first time creating art?

In elementary school a high school teacher that was very much involved in the arts made a comment that I had talent. I loved creating things that were just a little out there.


What are you trying to convey to others through your paintings?

Capturing a moment that means something.


Can you explain your creative process?

I spend a lot of time thinking about what I’m going to paint. I use to paint mainly pictures that captured a memory for me, now that I paint to sell I try to look at pictures that capture moments that might means something to someone else.


Contemplation Donna Muller

Contemplation © Donna Muller – 12in x 12in, oil on canvas, a trip to Olympia Greece with my daughter Jody



Moments with my kids, especially on holidays, yes I would say especially holidays. I always like to paint a picture from a holiday to keep that memory alive each time I look at it.



Well I have been showing my work in Lunenburg Gallery for a year now and this year I opened up my own gallery by appointment only.


The Hacker Donna Muller

The Hacker – © Donna Muller - My son Ernest who loves to golf

How have you been selling art?

I have sold in Lunenburg Gallery and Paint Sea on site in Lunenburg, an outdoor painting venue when an auction is held on the paintings at the end of the day. I have signed up for two of these this year, one at Peggy’s Cove and one in Annapolis Royal. Unfortunately could not do Lunenburg this year as it is the same time as the Peggy’s Cove Studio Tour and my gallery is on the map for the first time this year.


Internet Art Promotion

I have developed my own website, have a Facebook page for my art, and post all my art to Fine Art America.


Driftwood Donna Muller

Driftwood © Donna Muller - love doing this type of painting



I guess I would have to say I like realism.


Please tell us about another artist you admire.

It is so strange many years ago I purchase these two animal paintings I just love and then later purchased a painting that reminded me of a trip to Europe. Later I noticed it was by the same artist -  Ruane Manning. So I gather I must like his work.

I own 10255 and 10256, I just love them and they are only prints.

The first time I seen Greg Olsen’s work I was taken back, now that is true talent.

So funny I just read his bio when I attached this and I see the mention of John Nagey, and it made me think of a childhood memory when I was doing art and my family thought I had talent. Someone in the family said that we had a long distance relative that was an artist and I believe it was John Nagey - will have to look him up …..:) My maiden name was Nagy.


Tell us interesting event from your life.

I took both my girls at different times to Europe. My oldest daughter Jody and I went to Europe for her graduation present. We flew into Paris rented a car and the drove through France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and flew home from Germany. Tented all the way it was a great experience. We did have a little problem getting out of Paris and I have pictures to prove it, same pictures with different cars and people. We just wanted to get out of Paris, finally got out the opposite way we had planned, but it was a great detour.


I'm Cold Donna Muller

I’m Cold © Donna Muller, 11in x 14in, acrylic on canvas, a camping trip with my daughter Stephanie


Have you ever been annoyed by something said to you about your art?

I submitted two farm scenes to a jury show and they didn’t get picked and my husband said oh I don’t like those two paintings I can see why they didn’t get picked they have no substance. Yet I’m thinking they mean so much to me as they were both paintings from a time when I was growing up on the farm, and to me they had so much substance. Actually I was glad they didn’t get picked and they both hang in my house.


Any regrets?

Can’t say anything yet, too early in my art career, yet I’m not that young.

Maybe that I didn’t start this journey earlier.


Any future plans related to your art career?

To sell and maybe do commissions as I like working from a picture.  But I don’t want to do houses or portraits, you give me a picture that means something to you and explain the story behind it and I think I could create something for you.


Do you have any good advice for emerging artists?

No as I’m an emerging artist.


Donna Muller - The Unknown Artist trying to get Known

Nova Scotia, Canada



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  1. Great article and interview. I can relate to a lot of these answers. It is relieving to see other artists emerging and going through similar experiences. Good luck Donna, and great promotion piece Graham. I love seeing artists working together since it is a difficult place to get to!


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