youtube art exhibitionThis is the third of our online video art exhibitions showcasing artists from around the world. This time 11 artists have again been selected to be featured in a video slideshow.

A BIG congratulations to all the selected artists!

Please note that if you have submitted and not been featured yet, you may still be included in a future slideshow.

For those who are interested in submitting for this free Youtube promotion, here are the guidelines:


Guidelines for Submission of Artworks for Video

  • Open a new email message, and place in the subject line “Youtube Submission”

  • Name your image files this way: title-artist-name.jpg

  • Attach a maximum of 3 images of your art.

  • In the email body, write your name and artist website link. This will be included within the video.

  • Also list the titles of your images within the email.

  • Write a short paragraph on your work as an artist.

  • Send this to the email at the right.



  1. Shana Stern

    Nemesis Shana SternNemesis

    My name is Shana Stern and I hail from Austin, Texas.

    I'm a relatively new artist on the scene - but have been having some nice success already.  I have had MS for 13 years and so I am unable to hold a paintbrush, so I came up with my own method where I work with my fingers and knuckles from underneath the canvas to control the flow of the paint and create certain "effects".

  2. Tammy Tatum

    Chiva Tammy TatumChiva

    Pensacola, Florida artist specializing in watercolors and acrylics.

  3. Chiho Yoshikawa

    Niagara Falls artist Chiho YoshikawaNiagara Falls 1

    Relocated Japanese artist currently living in Toronto, Canada.

  4. Charu Saxena

    Stormy Sea Charu SaxenaStormy Sea - Water Color and Acrylic Colour

  5. Nina Tokhtaman Valetova


    Nina Tokhtaman Valetova was born in Russia and is a metaphysical realism, visionary and fantasy artist, specializing in oil painting and digital art.

  6. Charlotte Donvang

    Awakening artist Charlotte DonvangAwakening

    Acrylic on 638g paper 56x76 cm

    Charlotte Donvang is a Danish artist residing in Malaysia, who paints contemporary abstract paintings.

  7. Glenn West

    Meg grrwestNutcracker

    Glenn West is an English artist currently living in Saxony, Germany, specializing in painting and sculpting. 

  8. Steven I. Steinberg

    Reflection steven steinbergReflection

    Steven Steinberg is a photographer, architect and artist residing in California, USA.

  9. Linda Ursin

    A Donkey for StubbornnessA Donkey for Stubbornness

    Linda Ursin is from Norway, and creates watercolors, acrylics, and also works in pen and colored pencil.


  10. John Carlos Keasler

    teardrop eyeTeardrop

    4x6", 2002
    Beading on Fabric

    John Keasler is an artist and social activist from Texas, USA.

  11. Chelsea St. Pierre

    chelsea st. pierreAutumn Bird Notes

    Chelsea St. Pierre is a self-taught artist and former mental health nurse.






A BIG thank-you and congratulations to all the talented artists who are part of this third Artpromotivate Youtube art exhibition!


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  1. THank you for featuring my donkey :) I wanted to create an amulet art piece for stubbornness. I know I have more than I need of that myself, but there are lots of people, especially women, who could really use being more stubborn in some situations.This is especially in those situations when they let other people’s whims get in the way of their own essential needs. So I made this donkey in a meadow. As always with my amulet art pieces, there are runes in there for the purpose of the amulet.

    I made it in acrylics on a piece of white cardboard, in a smaller format and a more relaxed style than I usually paint. It just felt right for this painting.


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