promote art facebook One of the main topics of this website since its inception in December of 2011 has been promoting art using social networks. There are articles here about Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Stumbleupon and more. If you have been a long time reader, you will know that Facebook, and Facebook pages, have been a priority in the past year. In the upcoming months, I am planning on focusing more attention on Pinterest, Linkedin and Google+. Of course if there is something besides these you would like me to write about, please let me know.

In this post, I have arranged some of the Facebook articles in a type of Facebook course format. Who knows, I may even release it as a free ebook in the future.

Please consider sharing this post at Facebook and Twitter, and linking to it at your blog so other artists can benefit from this free 10 part course on using Facebook for art promotion. Thank-you!


10 Part Facebook Page Free Art Promotion Course

  1. How to Create a Fan Page

    facebook pagesThis is a short tutorial for making a Facebook page of your own. The process is very simple, and I have even updated that post recently with instructions on finding that elusive “Create a Page” link in the new layout.

  2. 10 Tips to Sell Art with Facebook Pages

    Here are 10 of the best tips I could think of for selling art using Facebook pages, and the main focus here is the posting of updates. Here is a quick rundown of some of the tips:

    >> Have thorough descriptions of artworks.
    >> Hold specials, promotions and sales.
    >> Consider free shipping.
    >> Have combined shipping.
    >> Offer limited edition prints.
    >> Work on a series of artworks.

  3. 10 Things to Avoid on Facebook

    While using Facebook pages, there are definitely some things to avoid. I mention these because I have seen them done on more than one occasion.

    >> Posting too often
    >> Not posting enough
    >> Using Facebook profiles to promote art instead of a Facebook page.
    >> Relying on Facebook for photo storage
    >> Tagging people you don’t know.
    >> Accepting friend requests without having any connection with the person.

  4. 11 Tips to get Likes

    This article gives some great tips for obtaining those elusive likes for fan pages. I have used these myself to grow the fanbase of the Facebook APM page. A couple extra tips are not found in this article, but in separate posts included below – hash-tags and interest lists.

    selling art at facebook >> Promote your page to your friends on your personal Timeline.
    >> Create a Facebook page username
    >> Make use of the cover photo and profile image.
    >> Use the Facebook social plugin on your website.
    >> Promote your page at art groups.
    >> Be active and post regularly.

  5. How 3 Artists Use Facebook Pages to Gain Fans

    As I speak about in this article, it is a great idea to regularly visit the Facebook pages of other artists who are using this medium for selling of artworks. One can learn much by going through their Timelines and examining posts. This post features the pages of Hiroko Sakai, Monika Mori, and Natasha Wescoat.

  6. Facebook Interest Lists

    Interest Lists are an interesting addition to the long list of Facebook features. I have heard people complain on multiple occasions about the difficulty of getting followers to see posts on their Timelines. Using Facebook interest lists may curb this problem somewhat. Followers who use the feature will always be able to view your posts!

  7. Hashtags on Facebook

    Using hashtags, posts can reach a larger audience outside of your range of followers and friends. The same hashtag can be used by anyone, and anyone can view the posts on the hashtag page, as long as it is set to public.

  8. Increase Facebook Edgerank

    Edgerank is a rating system or algorithm which Facebook uses to determine the display of posts on users newsfeeds. This post lists some techiques to getting a higher edgerank.

    facebook chat>> Use of images when creating posts.
    >> Use the Facebook Questions feature often.
    >> Use of Promoted Posts.

  9. Ways to Increase Engagement

    Using the methods here will also help increase edgerank, as increasing edgerank is related to engagement on posts.

    >> Focus on establishing relationships
    >> Share interesting posts from others
    >> Participate in artist groups.

  10. 7 Ways to Use Facebook for Art Promotion

    Here you will find some well known promotion tricks, and also some you may not have thought about, including use of groups, events, messaging, video chat, marketplace and Facebook ads.

Even with these articles, I have not covered everything Facebook has to offer for artists. Stay tuned to this site for more on using Facebook for promoting art!

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  1. Dear Graham,
    I want to thank you for combining your Facebook posts into the 10 Part Course. I just added an "Oscar the Grouch" blog post on "Why I Hate Social Media." I always feel like I'm spinning my wheels and getting nowhere with Facebook. I think your course might have the answers I need.

    By the way - if you compiled your posts into an e-book, I would buy it. It would be great to have them in one easy to read and search PDF.

    Your site is full of amazing information and I have it linked on my homepage. I look forward to your weekly posts. Keep up the good work!


    1. Thank-you Susan.. great to have you here.

      I've had the idea for an ebook for awhile, but haven't had any time to start it. I was thinking of starting something new but like your idea of compiling posts. That would be a good idea for a first ebook anyway...

      Thanks for the idea and the kind comments!!


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