Jonathan Shepherd

Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Mediums: Oil paints

Style: Realism and Naive

Favorite Quote: "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." Thomas Edison

Favorite Book: Shadow of the wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Favorite Movies: The Family Way and Local Hero


jonathan shepherd artistDovedale in Autumn – © Jonathan Shepherd


I'm a self taught artist who enjoys painting in many styles, mostly in oils but occasionally other mediums as well. I find it hard to confine myself to one style of painting as many artists do. For constantly turning out the same sort of subject matter in exactly the same style becomes boring so I have to experiment to keep it interesting and keep myself motivated to paint.


First experience with art

My first experience would inevitably have been at school, I was lucky to have an excellent art teacher who really nurtured my interest in art.


Do you listen to music when painting?

Strangely I rarely listen to music when painting but always have Radio 4 on in the background which has mostly plays and interviews and news all day.


Do you have a day job?

My day job is also linked to art as since the age of 17 I've had a picture framing business which continues to this day, almost 35 years now.


red sky landscape

Red Sky – © Jonathan Shepherd

Is there an implied message in your art?

I like to convey humour, beauty, the power of nature, nostalgia, and fantasy, depending on the style of painting I'm doing at the time.


Art Creation Process

Initially most of my paintings start with an idea or I'll see something in nature or even something another artist has done that will kick me off in a particular direction. Once I've started a painting I don't like to leave it till it's finished, I'm not the sort of artist that can have several paintings on the go at one time and keep swapping between them till they're finished.


Last Bus Home painting

Last Bus Home – © Jonathan Shepherd


I guess I've pretty much answered that above but I'm often inspired by nature, it throws up so many painting opportunities . Also, I’m inspired by the work of other artists in particular the work of hyper realist painters, and at the other end of the scale the naive artists, both styles impress me hugely.



In the past I had many exhibitions as at one time I owned my own galleries but now I only sell over the internet as it provides access to millions of potential customers.


How much have you sold?

I sell everything I paint, either through my own website or one of several internet art sites I use such as Artfinder.


Art Promotion Online

I use my website, Facebook and other internet art sites to promote my work, also in the future I hope to use videos on Youtube and possibly a blog as well - but when I would find the time to blog I don't know.


a fairy glen

A Fairy Glen – © Jonathan Shepherd


Wow, I could write a list that would include thousands but off the top of my head, Alan Kingwell, Rex Preston, Joe Hush, Robin Mason, L. S. Lowry, Jason de Graaf, Diego Fazio.


Can you tell us about another artist?

I just discovered Robin Mason via Facebook and love the light he gets in his paintings.


Can you tell us some interesting things about yourself?

I'm also a rock climber, something I've done since childhood and it's taken me to various parts of the world and enabled me to see lot's of things that the average person would never get to see. It also literally gives you a different viewpoint on nature.


Any embarrassing moments?

Many, but I'm not divulging them on here. :)


Monsal Dale Viaduct

Monsal Dale Viaduct – © Jonathan Shepherd

What about future aspirations?

At the moment I'm enjoying my painting more and more as I get older and love the freedom to experiment that financial security brings.


What advice can you give to emerging artists reading this?

Be true to yourself and if you want to be commercially successful remember that you also have to paint what people want to buy. I know this statement sounds counter intuitive but there are many talented artists that never achieve commercial success because they assume that everyone will like what they do.


Jonathan Shepherd - One Artist - Many Styles

Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Website: Art of the Country | Facebook page

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