The tree has been a subject of paintings since ancient times. They may symbolize the tree of life, growth, family tree or nature. Symbolically, trees unite the heavens and earth. They are tied to the earth, and even underground in its root system. Branches reach up into the sky, uniting above and below.

Trees are literally life givers, and provide the oxygen we could not live without. They clean the air and help to combat the greenhouse effect. Trees provide shelter and sustenance to people, wildlife, birds, insects, etc.

Listed here are 10 contemporary artists who paint trees. These artists have all been interviewed for our artist spotlight. Clicking on the image or artist’s name will bring you to their particular spotlight.

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10 Tree Paintings

  1. Piotr Wolodkowicz 

    paintings of trees 
    The theme I have been working with are trees. The standing people as Indians called them have been a big part of my life, I create portraits of them. Oil and the 2D medium helps me to show the color of the magnificent and often overlooked beings.

  2. Tanielle Childers

    dreaming tree tanielle childers 
    My style of work is stylized representational and non-representational art mingled with whimsy and imagination. The delicate, often intricate details breathe effervescence into each piece. These signature elements become the final touch of artistry.

  3. Jivan Lee

    tree painting
    My style: Good question! I suppose it's a something that builds off of impressionism and expressionism and occasionally disassembles into something else.

    My medium: I use a lot of paint -- walnut oil paint -- and lay it on with pallet knives and big brushes. I love paint. It's such a great medium. For the last few years I've been compelled by the feeling of sculpting paint and color at the same time.

  4. Robbie Craig

    the wilting light
    I started to paint as a hobby when I lived in a very remote community called Wekweeti. Population 130...I needed something to do with all my free time.

    From this point in time, my hobby turned into a passion. My passion turned into sharing my art with friends and family.

  5. Christine Striemer

    seasons trees painting
    I paint so many different subjects and styles that I'm not sure I have a theme. I think my "feathery" backgrounds can be noted. You'll find them in the background of a lot of the subjects I take on: abstract trees, portraits, and still lifes. I also like to put thick, rippley texture underneath my darker arts portraits. The vieny ripples add depth and an even creepier effect to the image.

  6. Paul Crimi

    I am first a modern contemporary impressionistic artist - I enjoy abstraction, sculpture and assemblages as well. I have explored every avenue of art for my entire life. I am a member of the Boston Printmakers.
  7. Marcia Crumley

    marcia crumley tree paintings
    Where do you get ideas?

    ”The best spot on earth – lying in a hammock in Maine, under the trees, looking out at the water.”

  8. Rachel Bingaman

    There is no shortage of things that inspire my artwork, but the beauty in nature is a constant inspiration. From the storms that roll in on late summer afternoons to the waves lapping against sandy shores. In autumn, the landscape is set on fire with a brilliance of orange, yellow, purple, and red from the changing leaves. These are the things that drive my palette.

  9. Teodora Totorean

    Big Tree Little Tree
    I am mainly inspired by nature, music and poetry. I think that through nature and other forms of art, people can relate to my art one way or another. We all listen to the music, some of us read poetry, some of us enjoy being out in nature. My paintings are about life and the joy that arts and nature can bring to all of us. I would like people to be happy and uplifted instantly when looking at my artwork.

  10. Christine Keech

    Choice Tree Painting
    The idea is usually sketched with an open mind and realization that the end result will probably look very different than intended. I like to layer texture mediums, washes of paint, use everyday items to create more textures. The works usually get flipped, tilted and laid flat on the floor. Sometimes a piece is finished in a few hours, other times it takes weeks or months to complete.

Congratulations to all the artists featured in this post!

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