Music is of course a form of art. Many visual artists view music and musicians as one of their influences. Oftentimes, certain music playing in the background while painting sets a mood for creation of a piece. Personally, I paint more freely when I am enjoying music from my stereo.

Some artists even use musicians as one of their prevailing themes.

paintings of musicians

Power of Music © Genevieve Esson

Listed here are 5 artists from the artist spotlight who paint images of musicians, whether they be from rock, jazz, classical, folk, country or blues. Here you will find paintings of famous musicians such as Jim Morrison, Neil Young, Ray Charles and more.

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10 Paintings of Musicians

  1. Jason Gluskin

    Jason Gluskin has a series of expressionistic paintings of rock n roll, blues and jazz musicians. The press has dubbed him as a rock n’ roll painter because of his emphasis on musicians. His paintings are vibrant and energetic and show his love of live music.

    As he says “Music is central to my world and art. I live in Brooklyn, NYC so the city is a theme as are people and a variety of influences.” 

    rock n roll painting
    Give Em The Boot   © Jason Gluskin

    blues musician painting
    Po Man's Blues  ©Jason Gluskin

    jazz musician painting

    The Jazz Trio  ©Jason Gluskin

    ”Ideas are everywhere... all around us. A combination of a lot of things... You just select and choose the best of them. I take the greatness of my influences (art, music, books, politics, people) and the best part of myself... and try and express all that.

    I believe in always adding something positive and authentic to the world.”

  2. Nicola Lautre

    Nicola Lautre is a Brisbane, Australia artist who creates vibrant, emotion filled watercolours of musicians.

    ”I'm an artist living in Brisbane, Australia painting portraits of musicians both local and international, usually with a strong blues/rock influence but not exclusively. I also enjoy capturing local Brisbane life, particularly city street and blues pub scenes with an emphasis on the figurative.”

    Dutch Tilders

    Dutch Tilders © Nicola Lautre 

    Neil Young

    Neil Young portrait © Nicola Lautre

    ”With my portraits I hope to capture their personality, and the mood, rhythm and style of their music. For example my painting of the late Australian bluesman Dutch Tilders is very different in style and mood to my painting of the Australian rock singer and guitarist Dallas Frasca. With Neil Young I wanted to capture the intensity and intelligence in his eyes.”

  3. Alejandro Castanon

    Alejandro Castanon is an artist and galley owner (Vino Dipinte Art Gallery) living in Texas, USA.

    Music is one of his influences, as he says here: “I love taking walks with my camera and my sketch book. I grew up in a big city so I like walking down city streets and rivers. I listen to music while I'm walking and if the weather is bad I will head to book store….

    I like high energy music. I have several playlists that range from 60s rock, Michael Jackson, Funk, Contemporary Rock and even Dubstep.”

    ray charles painting
    Ray Charles © Alejandro Castanon

    ”My art is a mix between expressionism and realism. I do sketch in graphite, charcoal and ink. My paintings are all done in acrylic. I have a pet peeve; I don't like taking more than three or four hours to finish painting. Maybe it is a good and bad thing but it is apparent in my brush strokes and choice of colors. I never really liked doing flesh tones on portraits so I replace them with vivid colors that bring out a certain emotion in my subjects.”

    jim morrison painting
    Jim Morrison © Alejandro Castanon

  4. Frank Myers

    Frank Myers creates digital paintings using a hybrid photography technique, with Corel Painter and digital photographs.

    ”I start by pulling in painting that I think will make an interesting final subject then put a semi-opaque layer over the photo so that I can only see the basic shapes then pull the colors and shapes through the layer to create an impressionistic final image.”

    brian horton
    Brian Horton silhouette © Frank Myers

    spyda drummer painting
    Spyda Drummer © Frank Myers

    ”My music tastes are extremely eclectic - Red Hot Chili Peppers, Benny Goodman and Billie Holiday, Los Lonely Boys, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Alison Kraus and Union Station, The Civil Wars, Peter Gabriel and Jason Mraz and John Mayer”

  5. Sonali Kukreja

    Sonali Kukreja is a Texas, USA artist, and says her goal is to bring “serenity in my paintings”.

    Lost in Music

    Lost in Music © Sonali Kukreja

    ”My main goal is that my art should not only look appealing or entertaining, but inspires and enhances life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I want my art to be conversational pieces along with the beauty that they bring.”

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