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I have been enjoying using the tagging feature in Facebook posts. I talk about Facebook hash-tags in this article: How to Use Facebook Hashtags 

I’ve been using the hash-tags #artpromotivate and #arts4s occasionally in some of our posts, but I’ve been trying to think of a more purposeful and powerful way to use them. Recently, I set up a page at Rebelmouse and noticed that they support hash-tags to pull in posts from Facebook and Twitter.

After setting up a couple hash-tag related pages, it hit me how the hash-tag system can make things much easier for this site and all the artists who want to share their art with us.

We can use a special hash-tag specifically for shares to Artpromotivate.

That hash tag will be #artpromotivate

This is what we are proposing:

  • If you want to share anything with Artpromotivate, use the #artpromotivate hashtag within your posts on either Facebook or Twitter.

  • We have created a special Rebelmouse page featuring posts with #artpromotivate. Posts that we retweet at Twitter and re-share at Facebook containing that tag will automatically be posted on that page.

  • Now here comes the good part! Rebelmouse has an embed feature where a Rebelmouse page can be embedded onto a website. We have already created that page here: APM Social. Also reach this page in the top navigation.

    This means that posts which we re-share will appear on Artpromotivate without any extra effort on your part.

  • What type of posts are we looking for? If you share images of your art, illustrations, photographs, designs, etc. you get an almost guaranteed inclusion on the page. (If we happen to miss your post, please let us know) Other possibilities include an announcement for an art show, promotion of your art website, blog posts, Facebook page, Youtube videos, etc. Basically, you can share anything if you think it is newsworthy. We will be curating the best to be included, so make sure your posts are awesome!

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Additional Ideas

I have been thinking of many other ways this new Rebelmouse page can be used to help artists promote artworks.

  • I will be using the Rebelmouse page as a reference for content for this site. For example, if I want to create a list post based on a collection of artists (such as: Abstract Paintings), I can refer to this page to select the artists to be included. The same goes for if I want to select artists for inclusion in our Youtube video exhibitions, and other promotions. Each time, credit will be given to you, along with your name and source link. The Rebelmouse page may also be used in the same way for creating content for our new sister site Designpromotivate.

  • If you want to give us permission to publish any of your images, anytime, you can let us know. (We will not publish anything without consent)  Please email us at artpromotivate at gmail dot com, and write “I [name] grant permission to to publish any artwork from my site to or for promotional purposes.” (or something similar – depending on what permission you wish to grant)

  • If you want to recommend an interesting article, use #artpromotivate when you do so. Some of these may also be published to our Rebelmouse page.


If you have any other ideas on how we can make good use the the #artpromotivate hashtag to promote artists, please let us know in the comments.

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