Jennifer Beaudet

California, America

Mediums: oil and watercolors

Style: Modern Impressionist


I was born and raised near the beach in Southern California and moved to the mountains of Northern California about 13 years ago. My art career started later than some, although, I attended El Camino College out of High School and earned my A.A. degree in Studio art. I put my dreams on hold to raise my daughter on my own and when she was a Junior in high school, on her way to college soon, I felt like I could begin to spend my extra time pursuing my dream of being a full time artist. I was given a set of oils and went from there!  I’m primarily self-taught but have learned so much from great books and online workshops. I’m always learning, which is so much fun!


 Field of Pink Jennifer Beaudet


The beauty that surrounds me inspires my art. I paint mostly in oils and like to keep my paintings loose, with the brushstrokes showing. It's my goal as an artist to convey my passion for the beautiful world we live in.

Can you tell us about your first time creating art?

I remember, when I was about four years old, using the blank pages on the inside of my coloring books to draw on. I drew on any blank page I could find! I knew this was what I wanted to do with my life.


Do you like to listen to music while painting?

I don’t usually listen to music while painting. When I do, it’s very diverse. I listen to anything from Chopin to Bon Jovi! But most of the time I’m either listening to nature or the news… quite a contrast there. I get so involved in my painting that it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the background.


What are you trying to convey to others through your paintings?

I’m trying to convey my passion and emotions about a particular subject.


Poppies Jennifer Beaudet


Can you explain your creative process?

I start on paper, planning the composition, positive/negative space, and values with pencil. Sometimes I do a small sketch with paint if I need to plan the colors out. I liked to prime the canvas with a nice warm color. This gives a glow and also uniformity in the piece. Then, I sketch in my basic layout with a brush and some burnt sienna. I work alla prima, and like to block in all areas of the painting as I go, instead of focusing on one particular spot. This way the painting works together as whole, with nice flowing color throughout. I keep working until all areas have been addressed but try not to overwork it. Once I put it down, I resist the urge to “fix” it because sometimes the first stroke is the best. I’m trying to convey my passion and emotions for a particular subject and this can lost when it’s too tightened up or overworked.



I never run out of inspiration! I am inspired by all of the beauty that surrounds me! We really live in a beautiful world and I like to focus on this as opposed to the negatives.
What exhibitions have you had? (please provide a short summary if the list is long)
I haven’t had many exhibitions besides one solo show for the local monthly art cruise. I would like to do more soon.


Have you sold any of your paintings?

I have my work on Etsy where I’ve sold several originals as well as prints. It’s been a great experience. Facebook is another place where the word spreads fast!


Tuscany Door A Warm Welcome


What do you do to promote your art online?

I sell my work primarily on the internet so I do a lot of promoting on there. I use Twitter, Facebook, and have a blog where I post new works with a little information on what inspired it.



I am very influenced by the old impressionists of the past such as Monet, Renoir, and Van Gogh.



I admire the work of Richard Robinson. He has a beautifully loose style and makes it look so effortless, but manages to keep nice crisp edges. He offers online workshops and is very involved, always answering questions.


Can you tell us about an interesting achievement?

I was fortunate to have won a contest online for one of my paintings. The prize was a 15 minute consultation with Lori McKnee! I couldn’t believe it! She gave me some great advice about connecting with others and giving back. I’ve been trying to share any information I find with other artists trying to make a living following their dreams.


Jennifer Beaudet Artist


Can you tell us about an annoying thing someone has said to you regarding your art?

“I used to paint like that, but don’t have the time anymore.”


Do you have any regrets?

My only regret would be that I took so long to pursue my dreams. I wish I had started right out of high school. I wish I had listened to my heart instead of others opinions.


Have you set any goals?

My goal is to reach more collectors across the world. I also want to give back, helping others in any way I can.


What advice would you like to share with emerging artists?

Get your work out there, any way you can and don’t give up; it takes time to be noticed. Connect with other artists online and in your community and share what you learn instead of keeping it all to yourself. Don’t think of other artists as your competition, think of them as your friends!


Jennifer Beaudet - Artist Whose Passion Kept Her Going

California, America
Website: Beaudet Art | Blog | Twitter | Facebook

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  1. Nice works, Jennifer. You really capture the impressionist look, if that is the right term of description, in any case.... well done. Good Luck!

  2. Your work is lovely. Wishing you much success.


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